Thursday, June 21, 2012

What is a car stereo system?

A complete car stereo system includes a receiver or head unit also called car stereo receiver and also 2 or more speakers with an amp and sub-woofer.
It is off course different from home theater systems.
Most important point is that before installation that the car stereo receiver and speakers that you have purchased should be compatible with your car and also should fit comfortably in the spaces allocated for the system. As many cars have very small car stereo openings, while some have larger sized openings.
Let us look at the installation steps of car stereo systems
  • So be sure that all components fit into the car properly and in certain scenarios special adapters (called wiring harness) and brackets are purchased to fit the specific car amplifiers make and model.
  • Also specific type of screwdrivers depending on the installation, a wire stripper, cutter, and electrical tape are also required.
  • If tools are handy next step would be to disconnect the negative cable from car battery.
  • If required remove the dash board cover with a screwdriver. It helps to gain access to the receiver. No need to pull out the receiver and do checkup the wires are connected to it.
  • Three sets of wires are there power cord which goes directly to the car's battery, an antenna cord that plugs into the back of the receiver and goes to the car's antenna, and the main receivers wiring harness that connects to the many car speakers in it.
  • Once the installer knows which wires are meant for what you call car amplifiers, disconnect all three sets of wires.
  • Pull the receiver out of it completely and remove it.
  • If all wires are hooked up to the car, slide into the receiver, no need to fasten any bolts. You just need to reconnect negative cable to car's battery. The car should start. Once it is done then put the radio on and checkup if everything works properly.
  • If everything is fine or working properly, then screw in the bolts and also replace the dash board cover. Here the audio receiver installation process is complete.

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