Friday, June 1, 2012

McIntosh Introduces New Dream Home Theater System

Buying a home theater system and installing it in your room is a delightful experience. As it gives you opportunity to enjoy watching your favorite channel or movie while sitting in the comfort of your home. Have you ever dreamt of some amazing surround sound systems around you? Now your dreams can turn into reality. This new Home Theater Systems launched by McIntosh is equipped with the latest 4K projectors and high-powered, surround-sound systems that most of us can only dream about.

The cost of this dream home theater system is $34,000 or even one of its individual components, isn't the point. All these new, entry-level models from Binghamton, New York - based McIntosh represent, the lowest price ever for a full surround system amplifier from one of the most storied and respected brands in audiophile history.

This complete home theater systems  package can be purchased at attractively finished, modestly sized loudspeakers. It has been designed to make it living room friendly; as it can be just be easily installed in a dedicated home theater space. In addition to remote control, McIntosh was able to make use of the video-control and processing board Marantz developed for its AV7005 preamp processor, as well as the onscreen GUI.

This amazing home entertainment system can surely enlighten your spirits by providing all facilities at home. It is the recreation of Movie Theater at home itself and that too very easily.

McIntosh engineers have again proved that to be a top high end audio manufacturer one has to deliver the best of the best products. They have managed to increase efficiencies within and among these brands without destroying or damaging their strong core identities.Such systems are provided with home theater speakers to make the sound very much audible.

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