Tuesday, January 22, 2013

McIntosh Opens 3rd New Experience Center in US

There was a recent news announcement that Paragon Sight and Sound of Ann Arbor, MI has added to the existing list of McIntosh Experience Center dealers and are located within the vicinity of their showroom. This McIntosh Experience Center offers its customers always a better chance to see how this system might look with the Manhattan Collection, SOHO Two-Channel and Westchester Home Theater Collections. Its grand opening event was conducted from November 30th - December 1st, 2012.

McIntosh manufactures home theater systems, amplifiers and power amplifiers which suit well to the needs of its customers and are quite in demand. These have been designed and manufactured under the supervision of expert engineers who with their innovative thoughts built the best.

Please have a look at the following event pictures.

Home Theater Receivers Powerful Enough

Remember that home theater receivers in good price range that too from good companies today provide an excellent bargain about their processing power, features, and performance. These can be thought as excellent home theater processor   with an inbuilt amplifier thrown into it. It is very much unpredictable to know whether amplifier section is good enough that too depends on the following variables:

Loudspeaker Impedance
Loudspeaker Efficiency
Room Size
Room Acoustics
Listening Preferences

While conducting any amplifier measurements, there is a bit more forgiving with receivers than that of multi-channel power amplifiers with obvious reasons. These are not designed to deliver rated power with all its channels driven towards it

Monday, January 21, 2013

McIntosh Amplifiers

The word amplifiers refer to stereo components or musical equipment which help to take advantage of full entertainment of music. But this only represents audio amplifier spectrum. The amplifiers are around us. They are used in televisions, computers, portable CD players and other devices that use speaker to produce sound.

Sound is just a fascinating phenomenon. When things vibrate in atmosphere, it simply moves air particles around it. These air particles are later moved around which then carry this pulse throughout the air. Our ears later pick these fluctuations in air pressure and convert them into electrical signals through the brain.

This is how electronic sound equipment’s work. These sound signals are electric currents which have sound waves as microphone diaphragm placed back and forth and this converts them movement into an electrical signal. The electrical signal fluctuates to represent the compression and rare factions of the sound wave. Out of many types integrated amplifiers are also of great use to the visitor.

Friday, January 18, 2013

McIntosh: Made in the U.S.A.

This video demonstrates McIntosh: Made in the USA Video. 

McIntosh has made about a million pieces of equipment since 1949. They estimate that three-quarters of that gear is still in use. McIntosh products are so coveted by collectors, they often re-sold, after decades, for five or six times their original sale price.

Focused on the long haul, the company has long shunned publicity aimed at short-term gain. For decades, they refused to advertise. They wouldn't even submit equipment for review.

Not that there was much to worry about. Rolling Stone called their latest product, the McAir, "the WiFi stereo of the gods." And at $3,000, it's by no means cheap but their price point is line with their philosophy: spend more on the good, hear less of the bad

Monday, January 14, 2013

Stereo Amplifiers Boost Speaker Power

A hi-fi amplifier is always connected to the speaker power unit at output which is later connected to the stereo receiver. It can make your stereo to push more and more wattage towards speakers. This type of audio equipment is used to reduce distortion and makes stereo to play cleaner and clearer sounds that too at higher volume.

The stereo amplifiers which are actually large are used at many live music concerts. They have amplifiers attached to huge speakers and stereo equipment’s that fill the concert stage. These live concerts do require heavy-duty amplifiers that can generate significant wattage output. This stereo type equipment produces loud, clean music with less distortion that can also be heard from distance.This hi-fi amplifier is off course a great addition to any home theater system. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

History of McIntosh High End Audio Manufacturer

This video describes the Marc Lamb of McIntosh Laboratories speaks to the crowd at Audio Video Design about the history of McIntosh Labs.
Since its origin in 1969 McIntosh has become pioneer in the manufacture of amplifiers, speakers and other high end products which has received many customer applauds for the ultimate performance delivered by its products.The use of high end technology and with great efforts of its expert engineers  the audio products  which are manufactured here have become favorite of its customers.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

McIntosh Power Amplifiers Superb Functioning

This power amplifier consists of one band equalizer with a center frequency that varies from 40 Hz to 2,000 Hz which can later be boosted at 12db.There is also one subsonic  filter with the selectable frequency or  subsonic filter that prevents amplifier circuitry from amplifying any non-audible signals and thus does not waste amplifier power.

It also consists of a power guard and sentry monitor with patented power guard circuit that prevents amplifier from being overdriven into clipping with harsh distorted sound that can otherwise damage valuable loudspeakers. This sentry monitor power output stage protection circuit ensures MCC301M will work under long and trouble free operating life.