Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Home Entertainment Systems Overview

The new McIntosh home theater systems consist of following components:
  •        MX121 preamp-processor
  •        MC8207 , 7 channel amplifier
  •       MVP891 audio/video player
  •       Pair of floor standing, XR100 loudspeakers
  •        LCR80 LCR speaker used here as a center channel
  •        Pair of XR50 monitors which are used as surrounds 

McIntosh does not manufacture a subwoofer, so a modestly priced, high-performance, Adam Audio SW260 Mk3 subwoofer has been provided to help to enjoy the best music to overly influence the system’s performance.
This complete home theater system package can be purchased at attractively finished, modestly sized loudspeakers. It has been designed to make it living room friendly; as it can be just be easily installed in a dedicated home theater space.
In addition to remote control, McIntosh was able to make use of the video-control and speaker cables processing board Marantz developed for its AV7005 preamp processor, as well as the onscreen GUI.
This amazing home entertainment system can surely enlighten your spirits by providing all facilities at home. It is the recreation of Movie Theater at home itself and that too very easily.

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