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If you really have something very interesting to share or contribute to this blog related to its niche. This blog will help you to Write for us as a guest author and show off your writing skills. To proceed, read the guidelines below.


  • Your Blog/Site URL
  • Gravatar (for people to identify you)-in case you are submitting the post from BlogSpot editor itself
  • Self-description
Posting Instructions
  1. You can draft your post in Ms Word format and email it to me at roseywat@gmail.com
  2. Your article must be ±500 words
  3. Maximum of 1 link is allowed
  4. No affiliate links (your account will be suspended)
  5. Images and video are only if there are of relevant to site topic 
  6. Allowing me to link those articles to the internal pages/posts herein.
  7. Editing the post (only in case there are spelling errors/grammatical mistakes).

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