Monday, January 30, 2012

McIntosh Products are Customers Best Choice

Specifications of McIntosh XRT2K Speaker System:

*This system has amazing benefits as it separates the power from input
* Two 1,000 watt power module contains ½ of the balanced circuitry complete with its own power supply
* Signal from the power modules enters a double-wound, mirror image output transformer where each kilowatt of power is added canceling noise and distortion
* Balanced and Unbalanced Inputs
* Connections for 8, 4, and 2 ohms
* 3 full sets of terminals for tri-wiring
* peak responding output meter
* Input sensitivity 2.5V unbalanced; 5V balanced
* Dynamic Headroom: 2dB
* Frequency response: 0, -0.25dB from 20Hz to 20kHz; 0, -3.0dB from 10Hz to 100kHz
* Signal to noise ration unbalanced: 90dB (123dB below rated output)
* Shipping now
McIntosh Labs manufactures high end products such as amplifiers, home theater systems and many others.

McIntosh MEN220 Room Correction System

McIntosh MEN220

Friday, January 27, 2012

Significance of Using In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers

The functionality of an in-wall speaker system is the same way as a regular one. In-wall speaker systems always use a wall cavity as enclosure, and are fitted with a grill and frame which can be painted according to the ceiling or floor color. The entire installation process of in-wall speaker systems is available which can make the installation process very easy.

The difference between normal speaker and that of an in-wall or in-ceiling speaker is that their driver is mounted in a frame which is set into the wall directly. Of course one more point of difference lies between an in-ceiling speaker and an in-wall speaker is that in-wall speaker is obviously positioned in wall and in-ceiling speaker on the ceiling above. The in-ceiling speakers are usually round in shape whereas in-wall speakers are rectangular in size.
As these in-wall speaker home theater systems are engraved inside the wall so they provide an effective method to enjoy music by keeping the speakers hidden. In-ceiling speaker and an in-wall speaker system is the most ideal for home theater systems.

If you are trying to choose the best ceiling speaker, then choice is obviously different for each individual. One single speaker cannot incorporate all benefits in one. An excellent ceiling speaker should include the following common features such as great sound, good frequency range, easy to install, modern design feature, paintable surface, efficient-quality materials and should be of low cost.

It is mandatory to add proper insulation to your home theater speakers which are kept inside the wall space. One has to be sure that the amount of material used is same across the board and is in sync with the audio. The speaker placement has to be properly checked in resistance to the ceiling speakers and get the best sound according to their position.
The home theater speakers come in many types such as in-wall and in-ceiling and contribute to the overall sound effects and provides better mode of entertainment. These speakers and amplifiers can give one better results if installed as per the instructions and maintained properly.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

At CES 2012 McIntosh was Awarded

This viedeo demonstrates how the McIntosh Tube Amplifiers was declared the winner of CES 2012.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Home Theater Systems Gives Perfect Movie Experience

A home theater allows you to experience real cinematic experience. Watching a war movie or home-movies on such home theater systems helps you in real sense. If you have a home theater system then seating would obviously be always better and this gives an incredible experience. If one wants to listen to the music then just hooking up your stereo system to home theater is best way to do that.
These days there are many options and choices of home theater systems available and before buying them one should go through the details of all systems with utmost patience. Before finalizing the one that suits your style should also offer theatric effect of watching movies at the comfort of your homes. There are many functions, sizes, shapes of home theater systems available and it depends on these various choices, that price range of home theater systems may vary. Home theater systems fulfill your dream of watching movies in a theater that too in your living room. Watching movies is the favorite pastime and is considered the most preferred choice of entertainment.

Home theater speakers are considered one of the most important aspects of an entertainment system. Audio speakers are available in many sizes, prices and styles. The speakers are either meant for the wall or ceiling.
Those who have plenty of space at home, a cabinet style speaker may be a great option. These larger speakers are meant to be kept on the floor or on a shelf or can even be mounted to the wall in some instances. For the ones with limited space or with speakers which are not noticeable, there are really a great option. The wall speakers are also wonderful devices as they can be mounted on the wall. The ceiling speakers can also help us to save space. They can be mounted on brackets that hang from ceiling and can be twirled around any direction as the person wants.
Thus we can conclude that home theater speakers are also an integral part of the home theater systems and are contribute fully to provide a very entertaining environment. It is advisable to read instructions for better productivity.


This video demonstrates McIntosh MC275 tube amplifiers how does the actually work and how it delivers the desired result in time.
Moreover this video is self explainatory.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

McIntosh MC275 Power Amplifier Winner of CES 2012

At CES 2012, McIntosh wowed everyone with its new ‘gold-toned’ limited edition version of its classic MC275 valve power amplifier. With certain updates being done to its design in 21st century, it has become a Star. It is a very delightful occasion to announce MC275 power amplifier as the winner of the Stars of CES 2012 Awards, chosen by What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision. This MC275 power amplifier has successfully been able to convince What Hi-Fi dedicated team of experts and hence deserved a What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Award.

McIntosh a US high-end company has been manufacturing the audio products since 1949. It also maufactures home theater systems.It was founded in Silver Springs, Maryland, and later was relocated to its current factory in Binghamton, New York in 1956.Since its launch in1961 this product has been the classic symbol of its range. But this gold-toned Limited Edition 50th Anniversary version of this MC275 power amplifier is absolutely fantastic. This McIntosh Tube Amplifier is worth $6500, however its basic circuit design is like 1961 original, and whose production was there until 1973. It can deliver 75W per channel in stereo operation or 150W in mono.

In 21st-century certain additions were made to it. These were like addition of multicolored LED illumination of valves to indicate the state of readiness of the amp. Also new High Speed Sentry Monitor circuit was integrated to turn the amp off if valve fails; this would restore the operation when component is replaced.

Tube amplifiers have been appreciated for producing natural and warm sound. MC275 Tube Amplifier has the classic sound and treatment in a modern style with price of ($6,500). It supports gold-toned chassis, and is the merger of classic 1961 tube circuit design of the original with multi-colored LED display. A High Speed Sentry Monitor circuit can automatically turn the amplifiers off whenever there is tube wear out, and also there is a power control input and output. It is for the first time ever, that this Limited Edition MC275 is equipped with Power Control input/output (basically, a sensing trigger).This on-off operation can help it to be controlled by a simple cable connection to any McIntosh preamp or processor. It has been believed that this product has been manufactured with application of 50 years of technological advancements to make it a legendary piece, as it still continues to maintain its leadership status for quality and reliability.

This should not be a matter of surprise to know that many of the 1961 era MC275 amps are still being used as on date. This Limited Edition MC275 is really a tribute to the original one as it has been loved and appreciated by many McIntosh customers over the years.

This 50th Anniversary Limited Edition McIntosh MC275 tube power amplifier is easily available from many authorized McIntosh dealers for suggested retail price of $6,500. For more information, visit

Monday, January 16, 2012

Guidelines for Using Car Audio Systems

Without complete car audio system a car cannot be considered complete. If your favorite music is played it will definitely help you to reach to your destination happily. Not majority of people go for complete car studio system thinking it being costlier or some find it difficult to handle it.
Always shop for car amplifiers and subwoofers as they have their own benefits. It is always advisable to go through their specifications which will enlighten on great features resulting in better usability. Bass subwoofers enhance the beat sound and changes completely the reception of the music.
To install the audio system in car is totally dependent on the vehicle type of vehicle and its technicalities. Proper joining the wires also plays an important point on the audio system as well as on the vehicle.
Consider the following factors before buying in the car audio systems:
• It is important to note that the car audio system should be extremely user-friendly. The buttons should be large and well-spaced buttons or the easy operation.
• The display must be very clear, large and above all informative.
• Its main head unit must allow showing all the pertinent data for users’ convenience.
• The associated amplifier must be powerful.
• It is advisable to have the car audio systems with separate tweeters. The positioning of the tweeters should be proper for best results.
• Sub woofers to the car audio system provide extra boom to the system.

If you desire a better performance of your car system, one must upgrade the whole system as it is easy rather than replacing individual parts. The heart of any car stereo system is obviously the head unit. Modern systems comprise of CD/DVD player, USB connectivity, radio receiver, and one small amplifier.
The amplifiers are connected to head unit which amplifies signals from the head unit to the speakers. The car speakers used consist of multiple speakers and a sub-woofer. The sub-woofer throws out bass signals from the music. Capacitors are also used which store up the energy for amplifiers.
It is better to do a market survey before stepping into the shop to buy any audio or video product. One can take an idea about the product through reviews and customer responses.

Friday, January 13, 2012

50th Anniversary MC275 Winner of What Hi-Fi? "Stars of CES 2012" award

McIntosh MC275 Integrated Amplifiers has been declared as the winner of What Hi-Fi, Stars of CES 2012. The is the biggest achievement for McIntosh. The pictures below are about the same.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

High End Audio Show 2011

An High End Audio show was conducted in Deccember 2011 where in talented audio advisors who know very well McIntosh were present to help people understand the high end audio technology. Also there are pictures of the exterior and inside of IQ Home Entertainment with a 2012 Rolls. Also pictures for McIntosh Experience Center Marquee, Legendary McIntosh Westchester System and last but not the least the picture of Rock group, States, in front of legendary McIntosh Soho System.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How Power Amplifiers and Tube Amplifiers Differ in Functionality?

The major difference lies in basic circuitry. This results into their different functioning and are very well being used for various purposes.
Power amplifiers have short circuitry and have thermal protection, fan control, also turn on delay, featured with over voltage protection. Earlier dozens of components were cluttered together to make a single device. Nowadays a single microprocessor can handle this and that too in compact design and gives additional features at the same cost. The devices are being monitored by microprocessor and microcontroller and can monitor battery voltage, internal voltages, temperature, control volume and drive external displays. These embedded computer chips allow features like compression and power limiting with little added cost.

Vacuum tube amplifiers are much in demand these days and are loved by guitar players and vintage radio enthusiasts. These are seemingly simple and are considered one of the oldest ways of producing power. For all the guitar players, tubes produce the sound that is much better than transistor based amplifiers. With so many brands already in the market it has become very difficult to look for the best one which suits your musical interest. In brief I hope that I have been successful to shed some light on this subject, and provide you with a clearer answer when it comes time to re-tube your guitar amplifier.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Basic Troubleshooting Steps for Amplifiers and Car Amplifiers

Trying to troubleshoot in case the car amplifiers are faulty:
• Sometimes amplifiers do not respond at all then it would be better to remove all wirings of the speaker and other power supply wirings too and reconnect them again. This will surely remove the minor connection problems if there are any. If problem is still being faced then your amp is defective.
• If sometimes the car amplifier suddenly becomes very hot and shuts on and off very frequently, then certainly problem is with the gain sensitivity.
• Certain car amplifiers try to lower the sound volume if they turn hot, this should not be considered a major problem. It can be prevented mere by installing small cooling fans for the amplifier.

Troubleshoot in case amplifiers in home theater systems are not functioning properly:
• If amplifier is under the warranty one can send it back to the manufacturer for repair.
• If you decide to repair the amplifier on your own and try to make mistakes on your own, it can turn a very costly process.
• Always check in the fuse at the amplifier end as it indicates whether the fault is due to fluctuation in power supply.
• If the amp has blown the fuse then it is important to limit the current going into the amplifier which will allow enough current to troubleshoot the problem.

Monday, January 9, 2012

How Power Amplifiers are Considered Part of Car Amplifiers?

Music is part of our lives and is needed much while we drive. This is the true fact as everybody be it old or young is fond of listening to music of their choice. To truly enjoy your drive at the fullest there arises the need of an efficient car audio system. So best way out is to install subwoofer speaker systems in their vehicles. The car subwoofer speaker system constitutes of three basic components; car speakers, subwoofers, and car amplifiers.
As we are discussing the car audio system one of its best part is the power amplifier Insight into power amplifiers :
The power amplifiers are part of a subwoofer speaker system. It has been named mainly the power it delivers to its output. It is used to send the signal in amplified form to the loudspeakers. An amplifier is used to mainly take the weak signal and make it very strong to drive the loudspeaker.
In a subwoofer speaker system configuration it works on the input and output basis. The power amplifiers work on three stages which are as follows:
• Power Supply Stage: it deals with the powering the amplifier. It takes the AC current and converts it to the DC.
• Input Stage: This stage takes the input signal and converts it to the desired output signal
• Output Stage: The output stage is most important of all as it is used to amplify the weaker signal to the speakers
Unlike amplifiers which are meant for personal use, car amplifiers are very different. Amplifiers are generally made up of vacuum tubes which help sound signals to increase or decrease as per the signal received by the amplifier. These are called vacuum tube amplifiers. However, the vacuum tubes that make up such amplifiers cannot function properly in an environment which is prone to constant vibration or where there is no ventilation as heat always gets constantly build up in a car.

Significance of Stereo Amplifiers

Stereo amplifiers add up to the perfect sound of high quality. Like amplifiers, a home stereo amplifier also strengthens up the quality of the sound from the speakers. It is very important to be sure about it that the home stereo amplifier that you buy is compatible with your personal home stereo speakers. Compatibility means that the home stereo amplifier, stereo speaker and other sound systems should mechanically very much match in the ohms rating and also watts per channel.
The stereo amplifiers are very much used in the car stereo systems. This really adds up a boost to the car amplifiers. If you are wondering whether to buy an amplifier for the car, then the best answer would be to go for car amplifiers. There are many brands available in the market or present online. But before choosing the perfect out of many and avoiding landing up at the wrong choice.

Friday, January 6, 2012

East Coast McIntosh Experience Center Grand Opening at Fairfax, VA

This Video unveils the first East Coast "McIntosh Experience Center" at IQ Home Entertainment. The guests who got the chance to enjoy  such an intimate acoustic performance by emerging  through the Nashville pop-rock sensation States, who recently released that debut album, Room To Run. It is because of such an installation, the IQ Home Entertainment could experience a very very positive impact on the business such sales of McIntosh pieces can also helps in subsequent weeks. The home theater systems are said to be the best of the best one needed for home entertainment.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

McIntosh Reference Home Theater System

The McIntosh Reference Home Theater System is the one with best of the best of company’s lasting quality and design. Its seven-speaker array constitutes of XRT2K which are from front left and right of the tower speakers and support XCS2K center channel and XRT1K surround speakers and amplifiers.
McIntosh Labs also manfactures car audio systems such as car speakers and car amplifiers.
Its speakers have been concealed behind the fabric walls on the screen, the center one and the surrounded one on the sides. This just a general description of how the home theater systems are.
The following video is about the unveiling of its first West Coast "McIntosh Experience Center" at Century Stereo where there were over 150 guests who enjoyed live performance from Taddy Porter, which opened up with an acoustic selection of songs from their album and guests enjoyed hearing the distinctive feel of their music, particularly the harmony of their stirring single "In the Morning." Guests also enjoyed powerful demos of the McIntosh WESTCHESTER home theater and SOHO audio systems.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How Various Amplifier Types Differ in Working and Usage?

An amplifier is majorly used to increase the power of signal. It is an electronic audio device with an input signal either in the form of voltage or current. There are wide range of electronic amplifiers which are being most commonly used in radio and also television transmitters.
The home theater amplifier components can help us to create high-end home theater environment. The features of surround sound preamplifiers are different from that of the home theater amplifier.
The amplifiers used in home theaters are with different features which help to facilitate customers and fulfill their high end audio sound requirements. There are many different types of electronic components such as integrated amplifiers, stereo preamplifiers, tuners and receivers used in multi room environment. The CD player and DVD feature adds advantage to the amplifier home theater.
To brief about the home theater amplifier which is also referred to as the power amplifier reason being it can be independently powered. Whenever any audio information is sent to the amplifier from any A/V receiver or decoders, it is then sent as separate audio channel.
Now let us discuss the various types of amplifiers one by one:

• Integrated amplifiers:
An integrated amplifier basically consists of a typical amplifier and a preamplifier combined into a single box. Because of this combination of a preamplifier and amplifier it is very easy and convenient to use it.

• Preamplifiers:
This one helps in the reception and processing of the audio signal from various input sources which are DVD or CD player. If the audio signal is low or weak, the preamplifier can very well adjust the voltage to keep it inline. It can accurately accept the signal.

• Vacuum Tube Amplifiers:
The vacuum tube amplifiers use vacuum tubes as the major source for amplification and also cannot be directly connected to a loudspeaker, as it requires an additional output transformer used to match tube to the speaker.

• Car Amplifiers:
The car amplifiers amplify the output of the stereo system of car. This is added up to the power source of sound system, and technically it can modulate the power which is generated from car battery. This type of vehicle amp can also be used with any model or stereo.

• Guitar Amplifiers:
These are electronic amplifiers used in electrical instruments such as guitars. It is also of two types the combination amplifier with the amplifier head and guitar speakers in one single unit. Also the amplifier head consists of electronic circuitry which constitutes of the preamp and power amplifier.

• Power Amplifiers:
The main purpose of using a power amplifier is to take the signal from a source device and amplify it to make it suitable for driving a loudspeaker. This in turn results in the difference in the amplitude of the input signal and the output signal.

Amplifiers and its types have brought in many revolutions in the audio industry to meet the needs of high end audio users.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More about McIntosh iPad app.AVI

The iPads consist of tablet computers which are designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc. It provides a platform for audio-visual media applications which include books, movies, music, games, and web content.
McIntosh Labs introduced the AP1 AUDIO PLAYER - which is the first digital product. The AP1 developed by McIntosh helps iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners by allowing the to listen to the playback music from their digital mobile device. These signature blue meters, the AP1 can give user access to their audio library in a very simple and elegant interface. This McIntosh experience can be taken wherever one may travel which helps to enjoy the comfort of the living room.
McIntosh also manufactures other valuable audio equipments which are amplifiers, home theater systems, home theater speakers. It completely deals with the high end audio products manufature.
This interesting video demonstrates more about the AP1 application and its other uses.

Monday, January 2, 2012

McIntosh X John Varvatos Vinyl Listening Experience With Tony Visconti

Many unforgettable events are always being orgainsed in almost every industry. But here we would like to share the video regarding the event which took place in the music world. McIntosh Laboratory which is the market leader in the manufacture of high end audio products organised an event wherein the famous designer John Varvatos was there to host a special "Curation of Music" vinyl listening experience at the Soho House New York on Monday, September 26. The main highlight being the legendary Grammy Award-winning producer and respected author Tony Visconti.
The video is all about that event which took place and is very interesting to watch out.
McIntsoh Labs manufactures products like various types of amplifiers, home theater systems and speakers. The origin of this labs was in late 1949 and it has been successful in becoming one of the renowned music brands worldwide.