Friday, June 22, 2012

Audio Components by McIntosh

The rear panel consists of nine balanced preamp outputs , a pair of balanced inputs, 12 single-ended outputs that include height and width channels, and a 7.1-channel analog input, as well as eight stereo-analog inputs.
Its second-order crossover network can utilize high-quality, and carefully matches its components of home theater systems, but the slim, rear-ported, braced enclosure construction can feature non- parallel, and internal sides reduce the standing waves.
The dual pairs of McIntosh, nonslip binding posts help in bi wiring. This truly superior binding-post design also deserves full coverage that this space won’t allow.
Its sleek, attractive, high-gloss cabinets are finished in a choice of Piano Black, Pear Maple, or Red Walnut. The supplied grille frames provide a front cover if you don’t like the multiple mid range driver “spider-eyes” look.
McIntosh’s popularity was built on electronics and amplifiers although the company has been developing them for many with different degrees of commercial and critical success

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