Tuesday, May 31, 2011

McIntosh MC252 Stereo Value Amplifier

With 250 watts per approach at 0.005% best baloney beyond the absolute audio spectrum, McIntosh MC252 delivers a amazing bulk of apple-pie power. McIntosh’s absolute Output Autoformer ensures the amplifier will consistently bear abounding power, after stress, to any blazon of loudspeaker. Whether the speakers acclimated are 2, 4, or 8-Ohms, McIntosh Autoformers ensure that every bit of ability is utilized.

Superior, fuse-less abbreviate ambit aegis is provided by the McIntosh Sentry Monitor circuit. Ability Guard, an input/output comparator, responds aural 1/1000 of a additional to annihilate amplifier clipping.

A able stainless animate chassis, exceptional bottle advanced console with fiber-optic/LED frontpanel beam and True Ability Peak Responding Wattmeters accommodate a attending of authentic breeding to this able amplifier.

McIntosh MC252 250 Watt Stereo Amplifier Features:

1. Waveform comparison circuit continuously monitors both input and output signals to avoid clipping while preventing harsh sounding distortion.
2. Fuse-less short-circuit protection circuit disengages the output stage before current exceeds safe operating level – resets automatically.
3. Unique McIntosh Autoformer technology delivers the full rated amplifier output with the least possible distortion into loudspeaker impedances of 2, 4, or 8 Ohms.
4. Swift, accurate Wattmeter response reveals program peaks so staying within the power limits of your loudspeakers is easy.
5. The two 250 watt channels may be combined into a single channel of 500 watts. McIntosh exclusive output autoformers allow this 500 watts to be delivered into 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 Ohm speakers.

McIntosh MA2275 Integrated Amplifier

McIntosh MA2275 is the first McIntosh integrated amplifier to rely exclusively on vacuum tubes in all audio circuits. The new attractive design combines classicvacuum tube audio performance with state of the art control technology.

A new ultra-low-noise preamp has been engineered for the McIntosh MA2275. Old-fashioned point-to-point wiring, common in vacuum tube designs, has been replaced with glass epoxy printed circuit boards developed through modern computer-aided design techniques.

McIntosh MA2275 Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier Features:

All signal amplification by vacuum tubes.
Tube Phono section.
Tube Preamplifier section.
Dual preamp outputs.
Noise and transient-free turn-on/turn-off.
Power Amplifier stage supports 6550 and KT88 Tubes.

McIntosh C220 Tube Preamplifier

McIntosh C220 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier possesses all the flexibility modern systems require while maintaining the highest-quality two-channel performance. All signal switching is done electromagnetically with switch contacts sealed inside glass cylinders filled with an inert gas. Locating these switches adjacent to the input/output jacks virtually eliminates crosstalk, and their sealed construction guarantees trouble-free operation.

McIntosh C220 allows for electronic, independent level adjustment for each of the eight source inputs via the front panel or remote control. Channel balance is electronically adjusted and stored in memory. A moving magnet phono stage incorporates time-proven 12AX7 Vacuum Tubes, for simplicity and superior performance. Low-distortion bass and treble controls, invaluable for older recordings, provide a wide range of tonal adjustment and may be bypassed when not needed.

McIntosh C220 Tube Preamplifier Features:

Complete Input Versatility
7 Unbalanced High-Level Inputs
2 Balanced (XLR) Inputs
Moving Magnet Phono Input
Multi-Output Flexibility
3 Pairs of Unbalanced Outputs
2 Pairs Switched plus 1 Pair Fixed
1 Pair Balanced (XLR) Outputs
1/4” Headphone Jack
Front Panel Headphone Mute Mode
Hand Held System Remote
External Remote Sensor Jack
Fiber Optic Panel Illumination

Monday, May 30, 2011

McIntosh MC207 a Multi Channel Amplifier

The MC207 is the best adjustable McIntosh multi-channel amplifier. With seven 200 watt channels accessible the MC207 is the absolute best 7.1 home theaters or 5.1 theaters with the actual 2 channels activated for a additional stereo zone.

The clear architecture of the MC207 actualization a mirror able stainless animate anatomy and acceptable McIntosh bottle frontpanel. Three True Ability Peak Responding Wattmeters accommodate absolute time ability advice while continued abiding fiber-optic/LED frontpanel beam insures convenient ascendancy and a admirable appearance. The aboriginal amplifier to apply the newly-developed Dynamic Ability Manager (DPM) ambit design, the MC207 delivers a abounding 200 watts x 7 channels into either 4 or 8-Ohm loudspeakers for best performance.

McIntosh MC207 Seven Channel Amplifier Features:

Seven 200 Watt Channels.
Waveform comparison circuit that continuously monitors both input and output signals.
Power Guard dynamically adjusts the input level to avoid clipping and prevent harsh sounding distortion.
Fuse-less short-circuit protection circuit disengages the output stage before current exceeds safe operating level – resets automatically.
Swift, accurate Wattmeter response reveals program peaks so staying within the power limits of your loudspeakers is easy.
RCA and XLR balanced inputs.

McIntosh MC2301 Tube Amplifier

The fresh McIntosh MC2301 monoblock tube amplifier hails the admixture of our Unity Coupled and Quad-Differential circuit topologies. The Mcintosh Unity Coupled circuit stands as one of the premiere tube topologies anytime conceived, authoritative accessible advocate ability bandwidth and low distortion. Quad-Differential circuitry, a contempo McIntosh innovation, cancels about all induced babble and circuit-borne nonlinearities consistent in the everyman babble levels anytime accomplished in a tube amplifier. With 300 Watts accessible at 8, 4 or 2 ohms, the MC2301 provides ability abundant to drive alike the best difficult loudspeakers. From the demands of aggregate choir to full-on bedrock and roll, the MC2301 delivers the best abnormally conscientious and activating achievement anytime heard from a McIntosh tube amplifier.

McIntosh MC2301 Vacuum Tube Amplifier Features:

300 Watts Mono Power Output.
Balanced Design.
Multifilar Wound output Transformers.
Wide Power Bandwidth.
Two Balanced Inputs/Outputs.
Remote Power Control with Meter Light Control.
Large Gold Plated Five-Way Binding Posts.
½” Thick Glass Front Panel with Tube View.

Friday, May 27, 2011

McIntosh XCS2K Speaker No Comparison

McIntosh XCS2K is the center channel audio speaker that engineers have always dreamed of building. The McIntosh XCS2K is a full range line array speaker system, voiced to match the McIntosh XRT2K speaker and designed to handle 2,000 watts of power.

Three 12" LD/HP woofers are housed in a custom extruded alloy enclosure behind the mid/tweeter column where two rows of sixteen 2" titanium midranges flank a row of twenty 3/4" titanium tweeters. The new 3/4" tweeter domes are small enough in diameter to maintain wide dispersion out to the limits of human hearing, and their incredibly low moving-mass extends response out to 45kHz. Such wide bandwidth portends smoother frequency and phase response within the audio band for non fatiguing sound. Dynamic compression is reduced to the vanishing point with this multi-element design.

By designing the midrange/tweeter array in an arc with a meticulous crossover design, McIntosh acoustic design engineers have created a speaker of prodigious power handling with a wide and deep soundstage. Three sets of massive gold plated input connectors allow bi-amping and tri-amping and wiring.

Not limited to center channel applications, the McIntosh XCS2K can be used as a L/R or surround speakers. A tilting base stand is designed for flexibility of installation and also reduces excess floor and ceiling reflections for an ideal image.

McIntosh XRT2K Loudspeaker

McIntosh XRT2K: Its powerful loudspeaker that work like boom.

McIntosh engineers made the dream come true with a three way dual column design meticulously housing forty tweeters, sixty-four mid range and six woofers.

All elements are chosen for use with high power amplifiers up to 2,000 watts


Six 12” Aluminum Cone Woofers
Sixty-Four 2” Titanium Midranges
Forty 3/4” Titanium Tweeters

40 tweeter domes house titanium diaphragms for a frequency response to 45kHz. The 64 midrange drivers each have a titanium inverted dome. Titanium has unwavering rigidity, resulting in smooth uncolored reproduction.

6 aluminum cone woofers produce powerful bass down to 10Hz without any trace of “chestyness.”

Three sets of massive gold plated input connectors allow bi and tri amping and wiring.


The XRT2K is a full range line array system with mirror-image symmetry. Listeners sitting close to the system will not hear ‘hot spots’ of certain frequencies and listeners at a great distance notice little drop off in sound. The sound dispersion pattern is smooth and wide, resulting in exceptional stereo image in a greater variety of listening positions. The sealed aluminum cabinet allows the system to be located close to a rear wall without bass “boom.”

Some Silent McIntosh XRT2K Feature -

1.Usable with up to 2,000 Watts of Power
2.Can be driven with as Little as 75 Watts
3.8-Ohm Impedance for Compatibility
4.Tri-Wire and Tri-Amp Capability
5.Narrow Width for Placement Flexibility
6.Controlled Vertical with Wide
7.Horizontal Dispersion
8.Massive Overload-Proof Crossover
9.Aluminum Enclosure
10.Titanium Tweeters for Response to 45kHz

Thursday, May 26, 2011

McIntosh MA7000: Most Substantial and Most Powerful Integ rated Amplifier

McIntosh MA7000: Weighing in at about 100lbs, barometer almost 17.5”W x 9.5”H x 22”D, dishing out a solid 250wpc into 8, 4, and 2 ohms, and aflame a shelf tag of $8000.00 USD, the MA7000 asserts itself as the best substantial, best powerful, and best big-ticket accommodate to anytime beautify the McIntosh stripes.

In a nutshell, the MA7000 is a adapted MC252 amplifier with an analog passive-pre-amp absorbed to it. The pre-amp area on lath the MA7000 is around identical to the MA6900 integrated. What sets the MA7000 afar from its little brother is the addition section, which takes the MC252 and gives it a added good ambit blueprint for bigger complete affection forth with ThermalTrak technology for lower baloney and added able operation.

Read much about McIntosh MA7000 on the site.

McIntosh MX406: Music Player Bring at Home

McIntosh MX406: Its a new collection from the McIntosh which provides better sound quality for all the music lovers.

Check silent feature available in McIntosh MX406:


1. DIN-sized in-dash AM/FM Tuner/CD Player/Preamp/CD Controller
2. Controller for external CD Changer/transport


1. Rotary (i.e. KNOB!) Analog Volume Control
2. Rotary (i.e. KNOB!) Analog Bass and Treble Controls
3. Dual 20-Bit D/A converter
4. Blue Fluorescent Display
5. 4-Volt 4-channel Line Level Output
6. Fiber Optic Digital Input for CD Changer
7. 2-Channel RCA Line Level Aux. Input
8. Powerguard (a soft clip feature which works only with McIntosh amps)


CD Player Section
                + System: Compact Disc Audio System
                + Reading System: Non-contacting laser reading (semiconductor laser used)
                + Number of Revolutions: approx. 500 rpm to 200 rpm (CLV)
                + Error Correction System: CIRC
                + Frequency Response: 5Hz-20KHz (+/- 1 dB), 20Hz-20KHz (+/- 0.5 dB)
                + Signal to Noise Ratio: 112dB (IHF-A), 110 dB (EIAJ)
                + Dynamic Range: 100 dB
                + Wow & Flutter: Below measuring limit (0.001% at peak) (EIAJ)
                + Channel Separation (1KHz) 98dB
                + Total Harmonic Distortion (1KHz) 0.004%
AUX Section
                + AUX H 1V (at 3V input)
                + AUX L 2V (at 3V input)
AM Tuner Section
                + Frequency Range: 530-1710KHz
                + Tuning System: PLL synthesizer system
                + Frequency Characteristic: 20Hz to 40kHz +0, -15dB
                + Usable sensitivity: 20 (uV)
                + Signal to Noise Ratio: 50dB (IHF A)
                + Total Harmonic Distortion: 1%
                + Image Interference ratio: 65dB
                + IF Interference: 65 dB
FM Tuner Section
                + Frequency Range: 87.9 - 107.9MHz
                + Tuning System: PLL synthesizer system
                + Frequency characteristic: 30Hz to 17kHz, +,-3dB
                + Usable Sensitivity: 10 dBf
                + 50dB Quieting Sensitivity: 17 dBf
                + Signal to Noise Ratio: 70dB (at 100% modulation)
                + Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.3% (at 1 kHz)
                + Image Interference: 45 dB
                + IF Interference: 80 dB
                + Stereo Separation (@ 1KHz) 35 dB
                + Bass Boost/Cut (50Hz) +/-12 dB
                + Treble Boost/Cut (10Hz) +/-12 dB
                + Line Output 3V
                + Line Output (Non Clipping) 8V
                + Digital Input
                + Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz
                + Format: Digital Audio Interface (EIAJ CP-1201)
                + Power Supply Voltage: 14.4V DC (10.8V to 15.6V allowable)
                + Ground: Negative ground
                + Current Consumption: 1.0A
                + Fuse Rating: Memory Backup, 3A; Remote turn-on, 0.5A
                + Width: 7-3/8" (188mm)
                + Height: 2 1/4" (58mm)
                + Depth: 6-1/2" (167.8mm)
                + Weight: 10 lbs. with DC-DC Converter

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

McIntosh C48 Preamplifier

High value mcintosh C48 preamplifier brings all the music together. With a committed Apple Mac/Windows USB ascribe audio ascribe the fresh McIntosh C48 preamplifier allows you to anon affix a computer to your McIntosh arrangement application a simple USB connection. This allows you to play the music from your Apple iTunes or Windows Media anon into your McIntosh system. Application Apple and iTunes, you can alike aces and enjoy your music from your iPhone!

The C48 additionally has four aerial achievement agenda audio inputs so you can affix your cable tv, dvd player, or Airport Express/Sonos/Logitech to accelerate music wirelessly to your McIntosh system.

Rounding out, the C48 is additionally at its a affection a apple chic McIntosh aerial achievement preamplifier with accompanying affective coil/moving allurement phono sections, a home amphitheater bypass, and six bandage akin stereo analog inputs. To acclimatize all of this to accomplishment the C48 additionally has a bristles bandage programmable equalizer.

Few Silent McIntosh C48 Preamplifier Features:

New 3D stainless steel chassis design
Dedicated Apple Mac / Windows USB input with control.
Four high performance stereo digital audio inputs and six stereo analog inputs.
Five band programmable equalizer.
Home theater pass through.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

McIntosh MC205 5 Channel Home Theater Amplifier

McIntosh MC205: An absurd alloy of ability and versatility, the MC205 delivers all the atomic dynamics appropriate by today’s ambitious high-performance home amphitheater systems. Dynamic Ability Manager (DPM), an absolute McIntosh technology, insures top achievement at 8 and 4 ohms, enabling the MC205 to bear 200 watts per approach into a advanced array of loudspeakers. The MC205 offers outstanding versatility, and can be acclimated as a five-channel home amphitheater amplifier, as able-bodied as a two area amplifier with three channels in one area and the actual two channels assigned to a additional zone.

McIntosh MC205 5 Channel Amplifier Features:

Five 200 Watt Channels.
Waveform comparison circuit that continuously monitors both input and output signals.
Power Guard dynamically adjusts the input level to avoid clipping and prevent harsh sounding distortion.
Fuse-less short-circuit protection circuit disengages the output stage before current exceeds safe operating level – resets automatically.
Swift, accurate Wattmeter response reveals program peaks so staying within the power limits of your loudspeakers is easy.
RCA and XLR balanced inputs.

Friday, May 20, 2011

McIntosh MX406 Reference Control Center

McIntosh MX406 is a volume control audio device which helps you to make your sound better. It's reliable device for the music lover's because it has full changer controls and a large blue fluorescent information panel.

Silent feature of McIntosh MX406:

Bass Control Action (50Hz)

Channel Separation

Channel Separation
Dimensions HxWxD

12.25" x 7.38" x 6.5"
Dynamic Range

Frequency Response

20Hz to 20kHz +/-0.5dB
Line Output (CD)


McIntosh MVP881 Blu Ray Player

The new McIntosh MVP881 BR Universal A/V Player is a high performance Blu-ray player with web-enabled features that excels at playing SACD and DVD Audio discs as well as standard CD’s and DVD’s. The McIntosh MVP881 BR features custom fabricated steel and aluminum casework with unique, compartmentalized sub structures that inhibit resonance while shielding sensitive audio circuits. Also noteworthy is an all-metal disc mechanism; set in a heavy, damped base, this disc mechanism is quiet running, highly accurate and features a cast-aluminum disc tray.

McIntosh MVP881 Blu Ray Features:

CD/SACD/DVD-A Audio, DVD-V/Blu-ray Video.

DolbyTrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio.

BD-Live Blu-ray Profile 2.0 web-enabled features.

32-bit/192kHz DACS.

Digital Coax and Optical Outputs.

Supports 1080p/24 and 60 frames per second output.

Front Panel SD Card Reader.

HDMI Outputs.

McIntosh MPC1500 Power Controller

Today’s AC power is littered with byproduct from the operation of millions of personal computers, satellite set-top boxes and myriad other noise inducing devices. The new MPC1500 Power Controller provides total isolation, low noise, and maximum power transfer to enable the best performance possible from your McIntosh components.

The MPC1500 features a large torroidal transformer that has been specially wound to act as a low pass filter to remove unwanted harmonic noise on the incoming AC line, while a quick-acting surge suppression circuit features a clamping voltage onset of about 2V above peak nominal voltage for the best possible product protection.

Our trademark illuminated glass front panel features two custom “blue eyes” meters for instant recognition of current and voltage. Six medical-grade duplex outlets allow for the connection of up to 12 separate components. Total current draw for all components is 1,350 Watts, 11.2 Amps.

McIntosh MPC1500 Specification:

Output Voltage
120 Volts AC Nominal

Load Regulation
± 2.5 %

Power Requirement
120 Volts, 60Hz
12.0 Amps, maximum current
1440 Watts, maximum power

Overall Dimensions
Width is 17-1/2 inches (44.45cm)
Height is 7-5/8 inches (19.37cm) including feet
Depth is 22 inches (55.88cm) including the Front Panel, Knobs and Cables

87 pounds (39.46 kg) net, 105 pounds (47.63 kg) in shipping carton
Shipping Carton Dimensions
Width is 29-1/2 inches (74.93cm)
Depth is 29 inches (73.66cm)
Height is 17 inches (43.18cm)

Get more details about McIntosh MPC1500 on the website.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

McIntosh MX150 Integrated Amplifiers

The new McIntosh MX150 12-channel, 2-zone Audio Video Preamplifier from McIntosh is designed to command the most advanced home theater installations with a potent suite of features including multiple subwoofer and center channel configurations, an electronic crossover function and on-board RoomPerfectTM processing.

System settings are saved and software updates performed via USB and Compact Flash. A built in Web Interface allows remote control, set up and service of the MX150 from any connected browser. The latest audio processing insures seamless compatibility with BluRay disc players. Incoming digital audio signals are re-clocked to minimize jitter for the best possible audio performance. 

The MX150 is ready to decode both Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio formats in addition to Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS 5.1, DTS ES, Discrete 6.1, DTS ES Matrix 6.1, DTS Neo 6, and DTS 96/24.

Some silent features:

1. Four user-assignable outputs allow multiple sub woofers
2. Surround or center-channel configurations
3. Independent
4. User-selectable crossover points
5. Slope and filter settings per loudspeaker

McIntosh MA6600 Integrated Amplifier

McIntosh MA6600 is wise choice of music lover because it comes with 200 watt, fiberoptic volume control, electromagnetic nitrogen sealed switches, Illuminated LED power meters and power control output and many other rich features.
The ability to accept an optional tuner module enables the MA6600 to become the first stereo receiver offered by McIntosh in over 15 years.

McIntosh MA6600 200 Watt Integrated Amplifier Specifications:
Power Output: 200 Watts Minimum per Channel at 2, 4, or 8 Ohms.
Bandwidth: 10 Hz to 100 kHz.
Sound to Noise: Preamplifier: 92dB, Phono: 84dB, Power Amplifier: 115dB.
Bass Control: +/-12dB (1dB steps) @ 30Hz
Treble Control: +/-2dB (1dB steps) @ 10,000Hz
Dimensions: HxWxD 7 5/8" x 17 1/2" x 22" 75lbs.

Mcintosh MA6300 Integrated Amplifiers

Mcintosh MA6300: It's McIntosh starting integrated amplifier which comes with high quality audio features.

The MA-6300 is the latest integrated amplifier, rich with all the premium technologies that McIntosh is famous for, including Power Assurance System, Thermal Protection and Silent Electromagnetic Switching.

With 100 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 150 watts per channel into 4 ohms the MA6300 can effortless power virtually any musical passage from any one of its seven source selections; CD1, CD2, Tuner, Phono, Tape, TV and DVD.

The MA6300 utilizes the latest output transistor. The MA6300 runs cooler than many integrated amplifiers even at peak levels.  The trademark “Blue Eyes” output meters grace the glass front panel along with controls for Balance, Volume, Mute,Standby/On, ¼” Headphone Jack and the Seven Source Selection Buttons. A turn on delay prevents pops or thumps generated in other equipment from causing annoying noises or damaging speakers.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

McIntosh MXA60 to Enhance your Lifestyle

McIntosh MXA60: Its completely lifestyle product which enhance your lifestyle and fill life with music.
MXA60 is a hi fi music system and comes with big loudspeakers.

The 75 watt per channel sports a number of McIntosh features including:

   a.) 75 watt per channel, complementary-balanced amplifier
   b.) ThermalTrak™ Output Transistors - for improved bias stability and enhanced low level linearity
c.) Sentry Monitor fuse-less short circuit protection
d.) Power Guard anti-clipping circuit

mxa60-backThe hybrid preamplifer sports tubes, input switching (both balanced and unbalanced inputs are accepted), tone controls, 24-bit, 192kHz sampling Burr Brown DACs, and more. The solid state input circuitry is designed to eliminate noise with the vacuum tubeassisted line stage provides that classic sound that McIntosh (and tube) lovers crave.

I think McIntosh MXA60 is the best deal for the music lovers but it little bit expensive too. Checkout the full details and product views McIntosh MXA60

McIntosh MDA1000 Digital to Analog Converter

McIntosh MDA1000: It's multi input digital to analog converter and provide world class sound clarity. It;s 24 bit digital to analog converter and sampling frequency from 32 to 96 KHz. The level control is especially useful. Programmed in the active state—the thing can be defeated—a setting of "80" delivers unity gain, and this can be goosed to a setting of "100." The gain is enough to drive any McIntosh amp to full volume—and probably just about any other power amp, too.

The quality of manufacture and the ideas behind the Mcintosh MDA1000 are exceptional in every aspect. The external design may not appeal to everybody but please do remember that it has changed little since the late 60s to have proven its timelessness.

McIntosh MC275 Amplifiers

McIntosh MC275 was designed in 1961 and its still most popular among users. If you are new to McIntosh MC275 surely you get rich information here.

The MC275 used an advanced design of this technology by incorporating a trifilar wound primary to improve the power bandwidth. The third winding is connected to the plates of the cathode follower driver. Groups of interleaved primary and secondary windings improve coupling and bandwidth of over 100,000 cycles is achieved.

1 - Tube Complement:

        Voltage Amplifier - One 12AX7 (drives both amps)
        Phase Inverter - Two 12AU7
        Drive Amplifier - Two 12BH7
        Cathode Follower Drive - Two 12AT7 or 12AZ7
        Output - Four KT88 or 6550

2 - Selectable source input for Stereo, Twin-Amp or Mono operation.

3 - Output is rated at 75 watts continuous per channel in Stereo or Twin configuration. 150 watts continuous mono.

4 - Harmonic Distortion is less than 0.5% at rated output or less for 20Hz through 20kHz. Typical performance is 0.3% or less at 20Hz and 20kHz full power. Typical performance in the mid frequencies is 0.1% or less at full power.

5 - Output barrier strips provide taps for speaker impedance of 4, 8 and 16 ohms stereo or 2, 4 and 8 ohms mono. The terminal strips may also be connected for a constant voltage output of 25 volts in either stereo or mono, or for 70.7 volts in mono. The secondary of the McIntosh output transformer may be operated either grounded or not grounded. If grounding is desirable, a wire may be connected between chassis and common of either or both output terminal strips.

6 -An octal socket marked line output has connections for 70.7volts, 115 volts, 230 volts or 600 ohms for stereo 300 ohms for mono operation. The 600 ohm winding and the 300 ohm winding are balanced to ground. Pin 1 of the octal socket is the center tap for these windings and is grounded.

McIntosh AP1 Audio Player for Apple Devices

McIntosh AP1 Apps is specially designed for apple users because it gives you expirence of quality music with iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. If you want to take this music experience just download mcintosh ap1 audio player from the Apple Store. Featuring the signature blue meters, the AP1 gives the user access to his or her audio library in a simple yet elegant interface inspired by the line of McIntosh audio equipment. Why you waiting now get full details - McIntosh AP1

Monday, May 16, 2011

McIntosh MC601 Amplifier: Knocking your Doors

McIntosh MC601 Amplifier: It's powerful amplifier from the McIntosh with better body and brushed aluminum side panels. McIntosh engineers has designed MC601 amplifier for better music experience. It comes with stainless steel chassis that looks nice and strong. There are lots of other features which you can see here - McIntosh MC601

The new McIntosh MC601 Monoblock amplifier was announced today at CES. The McIntosh MC601 replaces the MC501 monoblock amplifier and joins the new MC302 and MC452 in the all new McIntosh amplifier range featuring the newest engineering advances and the latest McIntosh features.

The new MC601 has a new cosmetic reflective of the classic MC1.2K monoblock amplifiers. It has a new backlit one piece glass faceplate and a new 8″ wide True Wattmeter with McIntosh indigo blue LED lighting. The McIntosh MC601 also has anodized aluminum trim handles to match the new cosmetic set forth by the new MC452 amplifier.

The new MC601 features Thermaltrak output transistors that allow for instantaneous circuit biasing which result in cooler and more efficient performance. Also featured is a new Quad balanced output circuit design which has two separate and complete amplifiers which combine to cancel out noise and distortion. Completing this is a newly designed high current capable McIntosh Autoformer, built in-house at the McIntosh factory in Binghamton NY.

The McIntosh MC601 has advanced McIntosh features including patented McIntosh Power Guard, a circuit that brings out maximum sound quality at high power levels, and McIntosh Sentry Monitor which uses a continuous sentry circuit monitor to provide protection in the case of a short circuit or overdriven loudspeaker. The McIntosh MC601 has built in circuitry and output taps to handle speaker loads of 2, 4 and 8 Ohm loads. Each 2, 4, or 8 Ohm output tap basically makes the MC601 purpose built for your speaker type, be it a voltage hungry 8 Ohm speaker, or a current loving 2 Ohm loudspeaker such as a planar magnetic.

The McIntosh MC601 features 600 watts of output power with vanishingly low Total Harmonic Distortion of 0.005% throughout its entire power output range.