Thursday, September 29, 2011

Guide to Car Audio Speaker Installation

car audio speakers

Speakers basically work when different set of air pressures are being created at different frequencies by moving back and forth. These speakers are considered an important component of home theater system used at home. The amplifier inside the radio produces electrical impulses that vary as per the fluctuations in (AC) voltages.

Speaker Sensitivity means how loud a speaker can be played. A higher Sensitivity rating means how loud the speaker will play. The various types of speakers are:

Front Speakers - By mounting speakers in front, the path between speakers and ears is minimized. Always try to point the speakers towards car center to minimize distance between right and left speakers to your ears.

Rear Speakers - Rear speakers should be used in such a way that they should not overpower front speakers. Of course one should be able to barely hear the rear speakers.

Center Channels - The purpose of the center channel is to make you feel the song at the center of the stage. There are various commercially available center-channel processors available with built-in amplification.

The speaker placement inside the car should be such as to get quality sound. Many ways are there to fit Car speakers into the car and get high quality sound.

For the home audio system, speakers are placed an equally distance apart from each other. It is a well-known fact that if they are equally distant then it can produce much better sound quality. To get that special effect the car audio speakers should be kept at the same distance apart. The speakers should be kept at some distance higher from the floor.

Distortion in the signal is responsible for destroying the speakers. Always try to minimize the volume if you hear the distortion. The use of high power amplifier helps the system volume to be higher and if volume is lowered there won’t be any distortion.

It is believed that car interiors can add spikes to speaker. It means that when one will add speakers to the car, the frequency response of speakers will change and also it will be high or low depending on the reflective surfaces of your car.

The most elaborate car stereo systems and competition vehicles have their speakers placed in alternative locations. All the auto and car stereo manufacturers should make sure that the door compartment and the dead space, or usable space should be maintained for convenient speaker mounting. One should always, try to match your speaker cone area with your subwoofer’s cone area.

Know How of Home Theater System Components

Home Stereo Amplifiers

Home theater systems give an experience of Movie Theater in homes around the globe. Home theater systems are usually installed in living room. If installed properly, it can produce a high-quality video and audio that gives a resemblance to Movie Theater.

Home theater system, essentially consists of television, receiver, speaker and DVD player. It easily transforms a room into Movie Theater. The quality of sound which is produced by it is in competition to those heard and seen by expensive cinemas. It can be installed by professionals and is a bit expensive.

It consists of many components such as high-quality input device like DVD players or computers. Also other processing device such as audio and video receiver is well connected to it. When all of its elements are combined, one gets an amazing cinematic experience of Movie Theater at home.

The various components of Home Theater System are as follows:

Television: There are several factors to consider whenever one thinks of buying a television for home theater system. If one purchases television, the dimensions of its space where one wants to install it should be properly taken.

Plasma: The plasma screen should be such as that it can be easily mounted in comparison to other television type and also has uniform brightness.

LCD: They are thin in size and can mount on wall. Their feature is extremely high resolution and high-definition capability.

Receivers: Its cost depends on the receiver’spower rating. The benefit of using a home theater receiver is that one can enjoy a movie effect in surrounding sound. One can hook up multiple speakers to regular audio receiver which can play equal sound out of each. A home theater receiver gives the sound effect similar to that of Movie Theater to give the maximum movie experience.

DVD: DVD players are cheaper as they help to encode multiple digital sound channel and digital video to provide best sound and image quality.

Speakers: To setup a speaker is very easy task and is very crucial for the home theater. Be sure to listen to speakers before purchasing them. Proper placement of its components is very important to ensure perfect sound effect is achieved.One needs a subwoofer, right and left satellite speakerand a center channel to achieve true sound. Home Audio Amplifiers are an important part of theater system.

As all speakers perform a different job, its placement is very much critical to ensure all components work together. Position the speakers around the room for maximum impact within your viewing zone. Try out a couple of different movies to find the sound you most enjoy.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Home Theater System Installation and Guide

Home Theater Systems

In current scenario where the time is very important to the peoples no one wants to go the theater to see the movies. The Home Theater System is a way that we can enjoy the movies at our own home. The home theater system is very different from the normal TV and we can watch the movies in our living room as like watch in theater. There are most of the peoples faces the problems during installation of the system in their living room or somewhere else. I am providing you some important points by which you can enjoy the movies with your home theater in a better ways.

Plan with Space: Before unpack the system first think about the space where you are going to put home theater system. Draw a simple chart with location for home theater system components.

Power System: Always choose a room with which is powered by one individual circuit breaker. Try the power extension if you don’t have enough circuits. These are helpful to avoid the power overloads.

Screen Placement: Screen placement is very important so always put the screen at the focal point and it always is the straight for the eyes.

Speaker Placement: Normally there are two types of speakers present in the home theater systems first is center channel speaker and second two normal speakers. For quality and clear sound hearing the center channel speaker must be just above or below form the screen and the two other speakers on the left and right from the screen at same distance.

Subwoofer and Bass Adjustment: The subwoofer will be placed at the side of the room approximately halfway between the screen and the optimal viewing position. The bass reaction can be manage by moving the subwoofer closer or further away from the wall.

User Manual Reading: Manual for the products is also very important and it varies from brand to brand. So before anything switch on you must read the user manual and do the process according to the manual.

The home theater selection is also a big deal for the users. If you want to buy the home theater system from any shop or from online stores please choose the right television, woofer and speakers. Also ensure which screen size is best suited for your home. Also see the software and drivers with your home theater system. Go for latest technologies and the most trusted brands which have lower price and better performance. You can also take some reviews offline from the friends and relatives which have theater system and online by different reviews websites. These points are most considerable because the home theater system is quite expansive.

Friday, September 23, 2011

McIntosh Westchester Home Theater System

The SoHo II Audio Collection with Floor Standing Speakers collection is the best design especially for those who really are crazy about music. This collection helps to bring high quality home theater amplifiers helps to give the best music system at home.
Best feel of every game show can be watched with full enthusiasm.

These days football fever is on why not watch it on McIntosh Westchester Home Theater System. The Westchester III - 5 Channel Home Theater system consists of Preamplifier Processors and Center Channel Speaker which delivers perfect sound and picture quality.

Our products built by McIntosh help to bridge the gap between elegance and technology. The products like Home Audio Amplifiers look luxurious and are entertainment driven to attract the everyday consumer.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Home Theater System - Insight into its Components and Working

Home Theater System consists of an (A/V) receiver and amplifier which receive signals from many input devices, like DVD player. This in turn amplifies and interprets these signals and sends them to output devices be it television and sound system.
This assembly actually clubs different components together. They have a DVD or other media player built in it. Buying a home theater system is the right choice and is more cost effective.
Out of its many components audio/video inputs, Stereo Preamplifiers and Power Amplifiers are very important.
Signal is fed to receiver unit, depending on which input is connected to output unit, preamplifier selects the signal and amplifies to next level.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Car Amplifiers - Deliver Quality Sound Effect

An amplifier is a piece of sound equipment that can take the sound signal from main unit and amplify it to the maximum level. To get the best out of
the Car Amplifiers it should be made sure that it is properly installed. This can be easily done by the proper adjustment of the gain control.

The most common of all amplifiers are of two and four channel models. The subwoofer amplifiers or Audio Amplifiers are also very popular. If in the vehicle there are set of speakers and CD player you want something with more power than an amplifier is needed. It is believed that amplifiers help in quality output. Amplifiers are available in the power range from 20 to 1000 watts per channel.

Home Theater System - Best Customized Mode of Entertainment

Nowadays people prefer to buy Home Theater System instead of normal TVs as people find it more convenient to watch at home instead of going to a movie theater as its picture and sound quality is great. Many advantages of buying a Home Theater System is that by staying indoors and watching your favorite movie at comfort in your living room sounds more enthralling than driving to a theater chain in car. It helps to avoid the contact of general public who disturb others while talking on cell phones during the show.
One important component of Home Theater Amplifier is Preamplifier. It is meant to connect the transducer to amplifiers. Transducer is any audio device e.g. microphone. Preamplifiers are used to increase and amplify a signal from a low-level to a high level. High fi Speakers are used to adjust and amplify the signal through equalization; also known at EQ. These are most commonly used in home audio systems and other live concert music performances being organized in to enhance the overall listening experience.
In order to get the full effect of the car's audio system, one can install a car amplifiers to power or boost the car audio speakers. Audio Amplifiers can be additionally installed to power the amplifiers. Car audio amplifier installation is a simple task which can save money on the car stereo system. Pre-amplifiers help boost and enhance the audio signals coming from an audio device such as a microphone, so the singer can be heard by everyone in the auditorium.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wall mounted audio speakers

Wall mounted audio speakers are basically for the home audio system because they comes in small sizes and adjust easily within your home interior. There are many companies out there who offering wall mounted audio speakers but few of them are good as you want like McIntosh, Sony, Boss and Yamaha.

What exactly you looking when you go for buying mounted wall speakers for your home or conference hall??

Design should be adjustable and when you install it in your home it must be match with your home interior.
Sound quality must be good
Frequency response and crossover should be good

Below i have mention few good wall mounted audio speakers just have a look -

McIntosh XLS320
McIntosh WS350
McIntosh HT3
McIntosh CS100

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Floor Standing Speakers: You Like It?

People buy speakers for home not only for better sound experience but also to make home interior better. Now these days floor standing speakers and wall mount speakers are in demand and people looking such types of speakers in audio product shop and you don't believe demands are high.

I hope you also like floor standing speakers because it gives perfect look to your audio system. Various types of floor standing speakers are in demand and they started from $100 to $1000. It comes with various designs like 1 way, 2 way and 3 way so that you can enjoy sound in every direction of the room. Custom design floor standing speakers are also in demand you can make your speakers as you want. We can say floor standing speakers are more high tech, great balance and killing design speakers.

You can view few floor standing speakers from the McIntosh Labs:

XRT2K Speaker
XRT1K Speaker
XR200 Speaker

Power Conditioner Audio System MPC1500

McIntosh labs manufactured power conditioner system which help you to get total isolation, low noise and maximum power transfer to all your audio devices so that you get better sound quality.

MPC1500 work as a powerful noise filter system and remove all voice distortion which generate from external sources. Once you have it you realize how much powerful it is. You can collect more information about the McIntosh MPC1500 from their website. Below i have mention few useful features about the product -

Output Voltage

120 Volts AC Nominal

Overall Dimensions

Width is 17-1/2 inches (44.45cm)
Height is 7-5/8 inches (19.37cm) including feet
Depth is 22 inches (55.88cm) including the Front Panel,
Knobs and Cables

Power Requirement

120 Volts, 60Hz
12.0 Amps, maximum current
1440 Watts, maximum power

There are many other audio products available inside the product gallery like Speakers, Amplifiers, Audio Processors, Preamplifiers and more.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Home Theater Processors MX150

McIntosh Labs has manufactured audio processor for your home theater system and the name of the product is McIntosh MX150 and you can find full details about the product on McIntosh website - McIntosh MX150
Its complete audio device which gives you full control on your home theater system, MX150 combine many features to provide unforgettable music experience like 12 channel audio system to add speakers, multiple subwoofers, room correction system allows you have better sound in every kind of situations.

See more features available with McIntosh MX150:

Analog Inputs Stereo Pairs
5 unbalanced, 2 balanced

Analog Tone Controls
Bass Treble

Balanced Outputs
Yes, 10 Channel

Computer Control and Interface
Yes, Web IP with GUI

Digital Inputs
4-Coax, 4-Optical, 1-AES/EBU

Dolby Digital EX ,Surround EX 7.1, Dolby TrueHD

Dimensions H x W x D
7 1/8'(18.1cm) x 17 1/2"(44.45cm) x 15 1/2"(36.8cm)

DTS ES Discrete 6.1 or 7.1 ES, DTS-HD Master

DTS Neo:6 (Stereo Source Expander to 5.1/7.1)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Common Factors Behind Home Speaker

Generally people want to buy home speakers but they don't know what should be the most required features of the Home Speakers. They just know sound quality should be perfect but they don't know what are the reasons behind the speakers sound quality. If you know the reason you can choose the better audio speakers for your home.

Buying audio speakers is personal choice and it could be differ from person to person but still there are certain factors which are responsible for the good speakers sound quality so you must keep in mind when you go for buying.

Home speaker Power Rating, Impedance, Crossover and Frequency Response these are common factors which you have to keep in mind before buying any home audio speakers.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Things to be considered when you buying a car subwoofer

If you want your system to really boom, there isn't a substitute for a good amount of power. You should pay some attention to RMS rating of power and not the peak rating. The RMS ratings measure the continuous output of power and they are the much realistic measure compared peak ratings. Always be sure to match the sub-woofer's power handling to the amplifier's power output.

Sensitivity and power go hand in hand in order to achieve good quality sound output. A sub-woofer having a high sensitivity rating, needs less power in producing the same sound as a sub-woofer with a low sensitivity.

The enclosure in which a sub-woofer is mounted on has a great effect on the quality of sound that sub-woofer produces. In short, properly sealed boxes always give you deep and accurate while bandpass enclosures only produce a higher volume.

While typical sub-woofers have single voice coils, dual voice coil sub-woofers have two different voice coils, each having its connections and they are mounted on the same cylinder on one common cone. Dual voice coils sub-woofers are a popular choice among people who want more flexibility in wiring their car sound systems.

A question that never ends is what size of sub-woofers plays the loudest. Well, its not the easiest question, you must consider the enclosure type, sensitivity rating and the power available. If your goal is having a car sound system that plays loud and space is not an issue, choose the biggest sub-woofers but do not under estimate smaller sub-woofers. I hope these tips will help you to find perfect sub-woofers for your car.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Collection of Home Theater Systems

Hello friend's,

I know you all love to have home theater system because it gives you a good lifestyle with peaceful music. I had seen McIntosh Home Theater Collections, really they are awesome because they equipped with high end audio products like - amplifiers, speakers, receiver, audio players, and many other high end audio products.

Basically they have many home theater collections and that's why they have categorized them in 9 sections. I have mention bellow all the section which they have -

Soho I
Soho II
Soho III
Westchester I
Westchester II
Westchester III
Reference System Audio
Reference System Home Theater

Every sections have their unique feature and specialty. These product might be bit expensive because McIntosh always deliver quality products for their class customers. You can also buy separate high end audio products and their details available on products section.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Placement of home audio speakers

What do you think about home speaker placement??
Is this is a factor behind good sound quality??
Speakers size and design does matter??

these are few common questions which running in the users mind. What you think when you go for buy a speaker or when you already have bought home speaker and install it in your living place??

Yes you are right.

Placement of high end audio home speakers should be perfect and you have to buy your speakers according to your room size.
Speakers size and designs always does matter, It should be match with your room size. Its better first you know about the room size and consult with audio engineer on the audio shop and they will suggest the perfect design and size. You can install your home speakers with your own but it would be good if you take help from your audio engineer. Thanks...