Monday, March 7, 2016

Amazon Echo Dot & Tap, Two New Smart Devices Unveiled

Amazon has been playing a major role in contributing smart devices to the audio industry. Following the same track, Amazon has come up with two new devices once again that are smart and equipped with 'Alexa' voice assistant. Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Tap, one is a smaller version of Amazon Echo and another is a wireless speaker, both the devices are unique in their own way and we will discuss them in detail. Amid a number of other competitors that are already having a great market share of wireless speaker industry such as HEOS by DENON, Bose etc. Amazon has also become successful in establishing a brand name.

Amazon Echo Dot

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Amazon Echo Dot, as the name includes dot, this device is not as small as a dot, but definitely a smaller version of Amazon Echo. You must be wondering that a big Amazon Echo is already there, so what’s the need of launching its smaller version. Well, let me explain that to you in detail.

Amazon Echo is equipped with speakers that can fill the whole room with sound, but indeed they are not the best speakers offered by the company. And, the Company also wants that its voice assistant ‘Alexa’ will take over the charge of smart devices of your entire house. That is why, Amazon has enabled the feature of its voice assistant Alexa in smaller ‘Amazon Echo Dot’. This device is not having the powerful speaker system, but it can be connected to different audio devices, or your most preferred one to enable Alexa and its functionalities in it. Either connect Echo Dot using a cord or Bluetooth, and you will get a smart audio system that can control smart devices around home, follow your instructions by playing the music of your choice, giving information about weather condition or either calling an Uber.

Similar to Amazon Echo, Echo Dot also comes with a blue colored ring on the top that implies that your device is listening. Echo Dot comes with the same smartness as Amazon Echo with an added advantage that it can be connected to different audio devices.

Amazon Echo Dot is equipped with small speakers that are used to convey important messages during conversation with the device. Apart from this, it can also act as an alarm clock in bed room, an assistant in kitchen, operator of smart devices at home including lights and temperature etc.

As per the information, Amazon Echo Dot can only be ordered using Alexa and currently the device is only available to Prime Amazon members who already own Amazon Echo, or those who use Fire TV can also order Amazon Echo Dot by asking Alexa for doing so.

Amazon Tap

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Amazon tap is a wireless speaker that comes in a cylindrical shape, it is light weight, easy to carry, and easy to charge etc. It’s one full charge can play up to nine hours of non-stop music and it can survive on standby mode for up to three weeks. Smaller in size, this speaker produce decently loud sound as per it’s appearance.

But, as the name implies Amazon Tap needs a Tap on button if you want to talk to Alexa. There is a button at the front of the speaker that needs to be tapped before talking to Alexa. Well, that’s a useful and easy thing that is helpful in saving battery life while being off or in case you are not communicating with the device. A tap on the button, and Alexa will arrive to listen to every single instruction given by the user. Amazon tap works on Wi-Fi in the Wi-Fi enabled zone, otherwise tethering can be used to play the music of your choice.

These devices let you stream music from streaming music services such as Spotify, Pandora and Amazon Prime music. 

Amazon has done two new additions in the industry of smart audio devices and wireless speakers. Audio industry keeps on getting new updates from time to time, so keep visiting the blog regularly for more updates in future.