Thursday, February 15, 2018

Why to Buy a Soundbar when TV Already has Speakers

We are constantly working to get the best output of almost every electronic device, whether it is the T.V, audio speakers, or anything else. The roles are now divided and a particular device is designed to give the best output for the purpose for which it is made.

TVs are made to deliver the best video watching experience, that’s why the TV manufacturing companies are putting a lot of concern on increasing the screen size and decreasing the pixel size. There are HD, Ultra HD, 4K, and the highest 8K UHD resolution screens to capture even the minute detail.

On the verge of improving the video quality at its best, the audio quality takes a back seat for televisions. The bezel size is getting thinner to make the screens more attractive due to which the speakers are accommodated at the back side of the televisions and that further affects the sound’s volume and quality.

But, this doesn’t mean that consumers have to compromise with the sound quality of their favorite TV shows and soundtracks. Because the best quality audio output can be obtained by using a sound device called Soundbar.
Soundbars are specially designed so that they can be easily mounted either vertically or horizontally alongside a video device such as TV or computer screens. The soundbar is actually a strip of multiple speakers that are placed together to deliver true wide range high fidelity audio.

There is an option of both wireless and wired soundbars that are available in the market. Wireless soundbars can be connected to TVs by using the Bluetooth technology, whereas the wired soundbars can be connected with the help of an audio cable.

Almost all big brands are understanding the issue of constantly thinning of TV’s audio, and they are now offering soundbars that can enhance the TV’s audio quality to up to many times with only a simple connection.

One of the best soundbars available is the Denon soundbar that is equipped with a number of features such as bi-amplification with 4 channels of class D digital amplification, highest efficiency, and linearity, extended treble response with wide dispersion, advanced DSP processing, night mode setting, dialogue enhancer, USB port etc.

Other advantages of using Soundbars are:

  1. Let you experience the virtual surround sound effect in a budget.
  2. Soundbars use advanced audio technologies to deliver the best audio quality for soundtracks and dialogues such as Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and DTS decoding etc.
  3. Soundbars have a built-in receiver and amplifier, so very less number of equipment is required to get the best sound output.
  4. Soundbars can be easily mounted on a wall and they also don’t consume much space if being wall mounted or placed on a shelf.
So, the only thing required to convert a normal TV watching experience into an ultimate TV watching experience is the Soundbar. It won’t let you compromise with the low-quality thin TV sound. So, even if you have speakers in your TV, a soundbar is a must to make the whole experience more awesome.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Quick Walk Through the Newly Added Products in the HEOS Line

Denon recently unveiled three new devices to the HEOS sound system. One breaks sound barriers with its state of the art signal processing, another boosts the bass with its seismic touch, and the last surrounds you with sound, not wires.

Here’s all you need to know:

The HEOS Bar!

First up is the HEOS Bar, a sleek device that breaks sound barriers with state of the art signal processing, amplification and 9 high-performance drivers. Get ready to boost your HD home cinema and music experience to the next level with this soundbar that supports the most popular surround sound formats such as high-res lossless versions of Dolby (Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital & Digital Plus) and DTS (DTS-HD Master & DTS Decoding).

Straight from the announcement that signaled its coming, “the HEOS Bar is not just a superb TV soundbar, with state of the art signal processing, amplification and drivers: it's also a complete music-streaming solution, able to integrate into a HEOS multi-room system.” In other words, feel free to connect it with your other HEOS devices for a multi-room audio experience perfect for the biggest parties or the most intimate of gatherings.

As for improving your home audio, it’s a 3.0 speaker system, so it has built-in left and right channels and a center speaker, with virtual surround sound capability. This means that instead of buying and installing three separate devices, with the Bar all you have to do is connect it to your television with a single wire…and that’s it!

Being a soundbar, you also know that setup is a breeze. Simply mount it on the wall, place it underneath the television, or honestly, put it anywhere you want. And if you’re a visual person, meet the HOES Bar via a video.

The HEOS Subwoofer!

A natural complement to the HEOS Bar (or any other HEOS product), the HEOS Subwoofer is designed to work in perfect harmony with the entire HEOS range. Not only will it add a deep and powerful bass that will shake anyone and anything down to its core, but because it’s wireless and so slim, you can place it anywhere you want.

And if you’re one of the people who are wary of products until you hear the actual specs that make them great, this one’s for you. The HEOS Subwoofer has two custom-made 5-¼ inch drive units that work in combination with sophisticated class D amplification to deliver clear and powerful bass.

With a tagline to ‘Boost the Bass,’ this subwoofer will add the seismic touch needed to turn a movie into an experience and a song into a live drumming session inside of you. Even better, within the HEOS app you’ll find advanced settings for different configurations, like the dialog enhancer and the night mode, which are integrated in the HEOS Bar.

And from the same announcement that brought us the Bar, “Now users can take music and movies to the next level with the HEOS Bar and HEOS Subwoofer… the ultimate audio pairing for movie sound and music.”


Last but definitely not least is the unrivaled HEOS AVR, the first 5.1-channel AV receiver to drive your favorite speakers and any HEOS wireless speaker as surround channels. Stylish and simple, the HOES AVR “is the future of total home entertainment.” 

By now you might’ve guessed that the idea behind the AVR is to ‘Surround yourself with Sound, Not Wires.’ This is because it combines Denon’s AV-receiver tradition with multi-room streaming that gives you the impression of sitting in your favorite artist’s recording studio.

With a lot of power at its disposal, the HEOS AVR also has the latest HDMI standards under its belt. Its four HDMI 2.0a/HDCP 2.2 inputs make sure that you’re enjoying all your movies 9 4K Ultra HD. Going back to audio, it supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Need I say more? Exactly. Instead, let’s take a visual route that shows it in all its glory.

A Final Welcome to the Family

Let’s finish welcoming the new additions by relaying what all of them have in common:
  • Multi-room sound: Feel free to give each room its own sound or group multiple speakers for unified sound. After all, multi-room means multiple options.
  • App & streaming services: Wirelessly connect your HEOS devices to the HEOS app and stream music from your favorite streaming stations.
  • Amazing sound quality: Seeing as how Denon has been an audio innovator for more than 100 years, it’s no surprise to know that HEOS speakers come with pristine sound.
  • Easy Setup: Setup is as easy as pie. Why? Because HEOS devices are wireless and take no more than a couple of minutes from unboxing to listening.
Enjoy your sound!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How Audio Devices Changed the Face of Entertainment

A major part of entertainment is dependent on the audio industry. And as the level of entertainment industry is growing with each passing day, audio industry is also going through some major tweaking, leaving listeners with lots of options of audio devices to choose from. Today, we will talk about home entertainment system that has evolved to a whole new level within the last few years.

Few years back a TV and a stereo system were considered enough on the name of home entertainment, but now there are so many devices available such as home theatre systems, DVD players, Blu-ray players, wireless speakers, and soundbars that define the home entertainment. So, let’s talk about the evolution journey of these devices.

Home Theater System

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Home entertainment system has come into existence with an idea of enhancing the sound of a TV. Its speakers can attach with a TV to provide a 360 degree surround sound experience. But, as the time is changing, new features are getting added in the home theater systems day by day. Now, the home theaters are not only about producing amazing audio, but they also started supporting the best videos with features like 4K resolution and 3D support. Now a home theater system can change your home into an ultra HD entertainment zone. The brands that are making a high impact in home theater segment are Sony, Panasonic etc.

Blu-ray players

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As everyone knows Blu-rays are CDs that support high-definition video than normal CDs, but the amazing new features in them will leave you amazed. Now Blu-ray players can act as a one stop solution for complete entertainment. New Blu-ray players can support different applications with Wi-Fi support. They can surprisingly upgrade the quality of audio and video with 4K video and high-resolution audio support. Not only with the functionality, but their looks have also upgraded a lot with sleek design and beautiful finish that adds to the beauty of your living room. Brands like Samsung and Panasonic are doing a lot of good in the segment of Blu-ray players.


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Soundbars are comparatively new additions in the listing of audio devices. The idea behind soundbars is to introduce a device that is sleek, consumes less space and yet provide an impressive surround sound experience. Some soundbars are also accompanied by wireless subwoofer to give that extra wow factor. Soundbars are pretty sleek, can be easily mounted on a wall and consume very less space, but the quality of sound they produce contradict their size. They produce perfectly loud, clear and balanced sound. These devices are hi-tech, provide wi-fi support, app support for different platforms, HDMI, USB inputs. These features of Soundbars are making them a favorite of users nowadays and to satisfy users’ needs, many big brands such as HEOS, Vizio have launched their soundbars in the market.

Wireless Speakers

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Wireless speakers also become a sensation in the audio industry. Wire and clutter free speakers that are highly portable, can be placed anywhere within the room and can stream music effectively with any music streaming app, they have made music playing an easy task. Wireless speakers have changed the connections from wired to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi giving freedom to the listeners to play their music anytime only by touching the screen of their mobile phones. Many big brands have launched their wireless devices to stay ahead in the competition such as HEOS, Sony etc.

All these are the devices of the new generation that are playing a major role in serving the requirements of modern listeners. These devices have truly changed the face of audio industry and entertainment. But, it is very sure that the evolution of audio devices doesn’t stop here, there are still many interesting devices to come that will further enhance this industry, we will keep an eye on them, until then stay entertained.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Amazon Echo Dot & Tap, Two New Smart Devices Unveiled

Amazon has been playing a major role in contributing smart devices to the audio industry. Following the same track, Amazon has come up with two new devices once again that are smart and equipped with 'Alexa' voice assistant. Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Tap, one is a smaller version of Amazon Echo and another is a wireless speaker, both the devices are unique in their own way and we will discuss them in detail. Amid a number of other competitors that are already having a great market share of wireless speaker industry such as HEOS by DENON, Bose etc. Amazon has also become successful in establishing a brand name.

Amazon Echo Dot

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Amazon Echo Dot, as the name includes dot, this device is not as small as a dot, but definitely a smaller version of Amazon Echo. You must be wondering that a big Amazon Echo is already there, so what’s the need of launching its smaller version. Well, let me explain that to you in detail.

Amazon Echo is equipped with speakers that can fill the whole room with sound, but indeed they are not the best speakers offered by the company. And, the Company also wants that its voice assistant ‘Alexa’ will take over the charge of smart devices of your entire house. That is why, Amazon has enabled the feature of its voice assistant Alexa in smaller ‘Amazon Echo Dot’. This device is not having the powerful speaker system, but it can be connected to different audio devices, or your most preferred one to enable Alexa and its functionalities in it. Either connect Echo Dot using a cord or Bluetooth, and you will get a smart audio system that can control smart devices around home, follow your instructions by playing the music of your choice, giving information about weather condition or either calling an Uber.

Similar to Amazon Echo, Echo Dot also comes with a blue colored ring on the top that implies that your device is listening. Echo Dot comes with the same smartness as Amazon Echo with an added advantage that it can be connected to different audio devices.

Amazon Echo Dot is equipped with small speakers that are used to convey important messages during conversation with the device. Apart from this, it can also act as an alarm clock in bed room, an assistant in kitchen, operator of smart devices at home including lights and temperature etc.

As per the information, Amazon Echo Dot can only be ordered using Alexa and currently the device is only available to Prime Amazon members who already own Amazon Echo, or those who use Fire TV can also order Amazon Echo Dot by asking Alexa for doing so.

Amazon Tap

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Amazon tap is a wireless speaker that comes in a cylindrical shape, it is light weight, easy to carry, and easy to charge etc. It’s one full charge can play up to nine hours of non-stop music and it can survive on standby mode for up to three weeks. Smaller in size, this speaker produce decently loud sound as per it’s appearance.

But, as the name implies Amazon Tap needs a Tap on button if you want to talk to Alexa. There is a button at the front of the speaker that needs to be tapped before talking to Alexa. Well, that’s a useful and easy thing that is helpful in saving battery life while being off or in case you are not communicating with the device. A tap on the button, and Alexa will arrive to listen to every single instruction given by the user. Amazon tap works on Wi-Fi in the Wi-Fi enabled zone, otherwise tethering can be used to play the music of your choice.

These devices let you stream music from streaming music services such as Spotify, Pandora and Amazon Prime music. 

Amazon has done two new additions in the industry of smart audio devices and wireless speakers. Audio industry keeps on getting new updates from time to time, so keep visiting the blog regularly for more updates in future.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wireless Audio Industry Welcomes Three New McIntosh Products in CES 2016

No more hassle of wires and no need to search for a plug-in for playing the music; wireless technology has completely altered the way audio devices used to work before. This trend of wireless audio devices is growing with an unstoppable pace and internet is working as a catalyst in the whole process. New wireless speakers or music streaming systems keep on launching in the market from time to time and this CES, i.e. CES 2016 has made a new addition in this category.

A well-known brand McIntosh has launched three new home audio products for serving all the requirements of entertainment i.e. from superior videos to audios. All the three devices are equipped with wireless and some other advance functionalities to match up or even surpass the existing audio technologies. Let’s brief you a bit more about the three brand new McIntosh products.

McIntosh MX122 A/V Processor

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This processor is a one stop solution for up scaling lower resolution audios and videos to the best possible audio and video quality. This device is all set to create new milestones with breakthrough surround sound, 3D audio and 4K Ultra HD picture quality. It includes a great number of input and output options; inputs - 7 HDMI, 4 Digital audio, 1 balanced and 8 unbalanced analog stereo, 3 component and 1 composite video with 1 USB for iPod, outputs - 3 HDMI, 2 component and 2 composite video and many more. Apart from these, wireless connectivity options such as Bluetooth and AirPlay allows easy streaming from mobile devices. Support for wireless streaming services such as Pandora, SiriusXM, Spotify and vTuner are also included. 
Shipping of McIntosh MX122 A/V Processor is expected in January 2016.

McIntosh MB50 Media Streamers

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This new audio streamer utilize the DTS Play-Fi technology to wirelessly play music over the existing Wi-Fi network. To make the most of this device, there is only need to connect the MB50 to home audio system and Wi-Fi network. MB50 supports Apple and Android mobile app and Windows desktop app with built-in support for streaming services such as Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, Songza, SiriusXM etc. This device has support for high resolution audio with multiple input/output options and Wi-Fi antennas for a strong network connection.
Shipping of McIntosh MB50 Media Streamer is expected in March 2016.

McIntosh RS100 Wireless Speakers

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McIntosh RS100 Wireless Speaker also works on DTS Play-Fi technology to play music wirelessly over existing Wi-Fi network. It also supports Apple and Android mobile app and Windows desktop app. These speakers have the capability to connect up to 16 speakers at a time to single Wi-Fi network, i.e. enough to play music in 8 different rooms. This speaker is also capable of connecting to both streaming and non-streaming setups. So, it’s your choice to either connect it with two internal Wi-Fi antennas or through a USB-to-Ethernet adapter.
Shipping of McIntosh RS100 wireless speaker is expected in March 2016.

Undoubtedly, wireless speakers are the future of audio products. Their features such as high portability, ease of use, unlimited storage, easy access & share-ability, and affordable prices are making them everyone’s favorite.

McIntosh is now ready to make a mark among so many other brands that are already the market leaders of wireless audio products and known for their unmatched sound quality such as HEOS by Denon. We constantly keep an eye on the latest events and updates of the audio industry, so stay tuned for more.