Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Watch Video of HEOS Multi-Room Wireless Speakers Launched by Denon

Tough competition is going on among the high end audio giants Sonos, Bose and Denon.

Recent news release has mentioned that Denon has ventured into wireless technology and launched for the first time 3 sets of wireless speaker systems. These have been launched by the name HEOS. These wireless speaker systems come in three sizes HEOS7 for large rooms, HEOS5 for medium rooms and HEOS3 for small size rooms. All three of these systems can be controlled by an iOS or Android app by using Wi-Fi to connect to one or more pieces around the house.

Go through the video for better clarity and surely drop in your comments for the same. 
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Monday, October 20, 2014

Wireless Speakers: Sonos Vs HEOS

With the launch of the wireless speakers by various brands there is off course a tough competition among themselves. Every brand tries to deliver best to their users and yes if their product reviews are not good they won’t achieve their milestones.

Here we will be discussing faceoff between wireless speakers from two brands Sonos vs HEOS. Sonos is now facing tough competition from consumer audio brand Denon which recently launched HEOS range of Wi-Fi speakers.
Other Sonos competitors which are in list apart from Denon include LG, Samsung, and Bose which also have good reputation in the home audio world.

These new line of Denon’s product is in-line with Sonos approach of embedding Wi-Fi-capable independent systems that too within powered speaker units, and controlled via a free app for iOS or Android.
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Samsung Partnership with Qobuz for Making Wireless Audio Multiroom System

News Summary Follows as Below:

Good news for music fans they can now access and stream Qobuz's high-definition music services through a new partnership with Samsung

On Sept. 6th, 2014 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has announced its partnership with online music service provider Qobuz. This can help Samsung to make its high-definition music available across Samsung's Wireless Audio Multiroom system. It gives its music fans access to about 18 million songs through the Qobuz music library which includes large selection of "Qobuz Studio Masters" titles.
                                                Image Source:chipchickcom

This rapidly evolving audio connectivity market can help both Samsung and Qobuz come together to give its music fans good quality music experience that too on high-performance devices. This Samsung Multiroom App which is available on both Android and iOS helps its users to access and stream Qobuz's high-definition music directly to Samsung's Wireless Audio Multiroom systems.
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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Buying Tips for Wireless Home Theater Systems

When you are ready to purchase your own, you will find that there are plenty of wireless home theater systems to choose from.  The differences are usually accounted for in size, style, quality and capability.  To make the best possible decision for your personal needs, you should first consider the basics:

Visually, what kind of wireless home theater fits the design of your home?

 Most people care deeply about the aesthetics of their home.  It is considered a sanctuary, a retreat from the burgeoning influence of the public.  In their own home, people are free to decorate and design their space as it pleases them.  It is important to reflect upon the type of style you’d like your home theater system to reflect.  While basic black units may be plentiful, there are also many options that are more reflective of personal style.  Fluance, for instance carries several lines with vinyl finishes that mimic natural wood.    

Image Source: Hometone

Where will you be placing your wireless speakers, and how large is that space?

Always be sure to decide on placement for your wireless home theater before you purchase the unit. Generally, you can expect to receive five or more components- individual pieces that will all need their own space in your home.  Consider your area- realistically, what size is it large enough to accommodate?  Do you plan on keeping wireless speakers in plain view?  Or would you rather they not be seen?  If discrete is your preference, you’re in luck, as several top tech companies are catering to that demand and producing compact wireless home theater speakers so small, they can easily be hidden from view.    

How important is sound quality?  Are you interested in basic audio output, or is optimal power and clarity the only option for you?

Certain features of wireless home theaters make all the difference when it comes to sound.  If you are interested in purchasing a high quality audio experience, here are some of the things you should look for:

  • High Quality Receivers:  Generally, class D digital amplifiers are known for delivering crisp and powerful sound.
  • Powered subwoofers: They feature built in amplification that delivers sound with rich depth.
  • Digital Equalizers:  Home theater receivers sometimes have built in digital equalizers that serve to balance the frequency within the unit and produce more defined sound.  

Some other factors you may want to consider are features and price.  Sure, wireless home theater systems transmit sound, but what else can they do?  And what will it cost? 

  • Is Wi-Fi access important to you?  Do you want to be able to stream content from online services like Pandora and YouTube?
  • What budget have you allocated for your new wireless home theater?  Are you interested in investing for a system that could potentially save your money in the future?  

Several notable functions, like Wi-Fi and iPod docking for instance, are available in various models.  Know which of these features you’d like in your sound system, before you begin shopping.  Last, but certainly not least, be sure to know your budget. A complete wireless home theater system ranges greatly in price, starting at less than one hundred dollars and costing as much as several thousand.  

If you begin your purchasing process by focusing on your personal requirements, followed up with research on which models meet those requirements, it can be an easy and fun experience selecting your very own wireless home theater!  

Monday, October 6, 2014

Sony Growing Rapidly in High-Res Audio

News Summary Follows Below: 

Once the Walkman was introduced it made the music much more portable which was a turning point for Sony and made it a leading brand in much of the household things around world.The company is all set to surely hit the market with its so called “high-res” audio.

Also the firm wants to push the accelerator on the high-res product line.
Audio purists have complained that the digitized music has to be kept compressed in order to fit into the standard mp3 file format that sounds good for how the musician or studio engineer intends to do.
Also lots of data gets lost in this compression, especially when we compare it with other analogue formats such as vinyl record — which is used for enjoying music on smartphones.

                                              Image Source:.themalaymailonline

The year 2014 has been quite the year when high-resolution audio (HRA) with many head of steam and new products and services which are being launched in order to take high-res audio into the mainstream.

High-Res Audio, which is referred to as a higher frequency is made by digitally sampling an original analog audio source. It is the number of times at which sampling is done which is expressed in hertz or “Hz”. Digitizing often refers to the audio process where the sampled signal is converted into binary digits which comprises of 1’s and 0’s which are expressed as “bits”. 

If number of bits are more in number then they become closer to the original source. This high-res digital music has a set of sampling frequency which is the amount of times every second data gets encoded which is about four times than that of a CD.
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