Thursday, August 20, 2015

Steps to Turn any Speaker Into a Wireless Zone

Say you missed out on the wireless audio movement. Like you just missed it. A few years ago you purchased a top of the line stereo system and went home really proud of yourself. Then BAM! In just one week’s time, wireless speakers were rolled out and you sadly realized that your stereo speakers were already old news.

It’s okay- really! With HEOS Amp by Denon, you can easily turn your plain, outdated speakers into wireless ones and it’s all very simple. Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Internet Connection
  • Apple or Android Mobile Device already connected to your network
  • Speakers and their wires

To connect and play, you’ll need to follow a few easy steps that can be accomplished in minutes! Start by unpacking your HEOS Amp and choosing a convenient location that is near your speakers. Then do the following:

  1. Connect the speakers by baring the very tip of the speaker cable and inserting it into the speaker terminal. The terminal must be opened by being turned counterclockwise, then closed again by rotating clockwise. Once the terminal is shut, power the speakers by plugging the power cord into an outlet.
  2. Gain control of your Amp by downloading the HEOS by Denon App. Once launched, the application will guide you through a few basic instructions that will help you add your amp.
  3. Sign in to your favorite music streaming channels and enjoy.

With the HEOS Amp, you’ll be able to control your speakers with your cellphone, surfing through all your favorite music streaming channels with ease. The amp will also enable Denon’s famous multi-room audio functionality, which lets you play the same song, or multiple songs in different rooms all at the same time. In addition to those awesome features, you’ll also be getting exceptional sound quality thanks to class D amplification, which delivers dynamic sound without distortion.

Wireless is better, and the HEOS Amp is a truly attractive option for getting your speakers there. Not only will it simplify your music experience and deliver exceptional sound, but the unit also looks great, bearing the HEOS brand’s signature sleek style, and unique shape with stunning silver accents.

If your stereo system still features cassette or CD players or if you’re still searching between the couch cushions for your remote control, then you, my friend are in need of an upgrade. Catch up to the best of the audio industry by going wireless with a HEOS Amp!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wireless Soundbars vs. Speakers- What I learned In My Quest for an Upgrade

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they look around, evaluate their possessions and begin considering upgrades.  Okay, that actually happens pretty often, especially now, when technology keeps outdoing itself every other month.

I, myself, just had a recent ‘replace it’ epiphany when my monthly dinner party with friends was scheduled at a new member’s home for the first time.  As usual, the crowd was awesome, the food was great, and the drinks were flowing, but what really stood out to me that night were my host’s amazing sound systems.  Just about everywhere I went, music followed, and the sound was spectacular.  It was then that I realized my faithful stereo system was in serious need of an upgrade.

The first thing you’ll realize when you set out to choose a new and improved set of speakers is that there isn’t just one type.  Gone are the days when speakers were a one-size-fits-all stereo accompaniment.  Instead, there’s a near endless array of shapes, sizes and technologies to be chosen from.  Luckily for me, I investigated at my friend’s house and came away knowing that their living room had surround sound speakers and the den featured a sleek soundbar.

Though surround speakers and soundbars serve the same function, there are distinct differences between both set-ups, and it all basically comes down to preference and application.

Surround Sound Speaker
Surround sound speakers are the way to go for true surround sound.  With speakers placed strategically in any entertainment area, you can feel, rather than hear all the noise from every angle.  This means you’re going to have a thrilling movie experience or electrifying party atmosphere whenever you want it.

On the downside, more speakers means more set-up, and typically, the better surround speakers will cost a pretty penny.  Another thing I noticed is that the pricier surround speaker systems, although classified as wireless often do require wires that can be run against the wall and connected to each speaker.

Soundbars are sleek, and well-designed speaker alternatives.  Essentially, they are long rectangular bars that house several small speakers hidden within the design. These are generally good for small to medium sized rooms and are a great way to upgrade the sound on a television set that is lacking in audio performance.  One of the best parts about a soundbar is that it’s meant to mimic the effects of surround sound but without the hassle of multiple units and a mess of wires.
Despite its most gallant efforts however, true surround sound can really only be obtained through a surround sound set-up.  While a soundbar can improve a basic sound experience, surround speakers will always create the most powerful, even effects.  Plus, some soundbars require an additional element, like a subwoofer, to function properly.

Once I learned all of this, the question became which would I rather have in my own home and naturally, I had to have one of each. Upgrading my home’s sound systems was one of the best investments I’ve made in a while.  Now, when it’s my turn to host a dinner party, I feel confident that my new HEOS HomeCinema and surround sound speakers will blow everyone away!  

Thursday, June 25, 2015

HEOS 1 and Go Pack- This Summer’s Must Have Audio Accessories!

Summer is here audiophiles! That means it’s time to trade your indoor systems and isolating headphones for an outdoor speaker that will blanket space, your friends and family with awesome music. Whether you’re in your backyard or at the beach, there’s no doubt that the environment has shifted and now it’s time to shift your music gear as well.

Anyone who knows me can tell you that audio technology is my obsession but fewer people would know that I’m also a design junkie. Crossing innovative tech with gorgeous design is like a symphony to me, which is why I’ve fallen in love with the recently released HEOS 1 portable wireless speaker and corresponding Go Pack.

HEOS 1 Portable Wireless Speaker

For those of you who don’t know, HEOS speakers are part of a product line by Denon- an audio technology company that’s been in the game for a really long time and has produced many industry firsts along the way.  They’ve now become one of the only major audio players to offer a solid outdoor speaker option, and the fantastic sound quality and upscale design of the units truly speaks for itself.

What’s really impressed me about the HEOS 1 however, is the accompanying Go Pack.   It is, in essence, a rechargeable battery pack that lasts up to six hours.  Also included is a Bluetooth USB adaptor, as well as a splashguard to protect the unit from any stray fluids.  It is, after all, an outdoor speaker.

The Go Pack’s design is beautifully simplistic.  It quickly and easily twists on and off at the bottom of the HEOS 1.

HEOS 1 Go Pack

The included Bluetooth USB adaptor plugs into the back of the speaker to enable wireless streaming without access to a network and as a bonus, you can even charge your phone when it’s connected to the USB port- all while you enjoy your music!

I highly recommend you take your HEOS 1 and the Go Pack anywhere you go this summer. With its water and humidity resistant exterior, superior Denon sound quality, six-hour battery and smartphone charging ability, this may be the season’s perfect accessory. Technology, style, convenience, quality. In my opinion, this is another homerun by the audio professionals at Denon.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Booming Progression for the Wireless Speaker Systems

There has been a wide demand for mobile devices in recent years going in parallel to our changes adopted in our lifestyle. Due to this there has been great changes in consumer habits in terms of using media communication with growing demand for audio devices which are connected wirelessly. It is also rapidly changing the home audio requirements. As per the Compound Annual Growth Rate data the growth rate for wireless audio products is expected to raise by nearly 66 million units in 2018, according to IHS Technology. Huge demand is going to be for wireless speakers, soundbars and connected AV receivers. Check the below graph.

Total wirelessly-connected home audio device shipments
                                Source: IHS Technology, 2015
The connected soundbars and wireless speakers market have already shown great demand with huge growth, not in the home audio but also in consumer electronics market.

There has been a major diversion seen in the consumer media consumption preferences with much more growth and penetration seen there for tablets and also smartphones. With the introduction of the streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, and many others there is off course great shift in the way people listen to music either inside or outside their homes. It offers much convenience to the consumers which helps them to play music straight from their mobile device on the wireless speakers in either a single room or across multiple rooms within the house. With such a significant growth in the music playing demands there has been strong global growth in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi speakers from past few years.

It’s not only that wireless speaker category is in much demand but there is major rapid growth in other multi-room speaker systems which are connected in a network. All famous brands like HEOS by Denon, LG, Samsung, etc. have already made a great entry into the market, with products or platforms which have been designed to just take a leap forward and meet growing user demands.

The old traditional audio system concept is obviously becoming obsolete day by day. It is for sure that after few years, audio systems which are connected wirelessly will extract the need for traditional wired audio systems. In upcoming years when anybody will think about home audio then wireless multi-room  systems will definitely be the first thing that will come to their mind.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Which Music System Should I Go for My Son’s Birthday Party?

After Valentine’s Day now the countdown begins for my son, Jacob’s birthday who is turning 3 on March 2nd. Only less than a week’s time is left. You know my mind is fully occupied with ideas for making fantastic arrangements for the party. As every mom feels same is what I feel. I would say my son Jacob is one of the best gifts that God could ever give to me.

You know what, I am so excited about it that every minute I look for some creative ideas to make the birthday party a blast. Last year due to some family problems we could not celebrate his birthday party on a large scale. Now this year I am very much particular about the arrangements I hope everything goes well.

Ours is a big house so I am planning to host the birthday party there itself.

The food and menu arrangement task would be handled by my husband as he is good in that and is much of his interest.

I am going to take care of the music, cake cutting and other decoration arrangements. Out of which I am more concerned about the music part coz in a kid’s birthday party if there is no music it’s going to be a complete waste. Music with good food makes a party a memorable one for the guests. An idea came to my mind why not to look for some good music systems online. As renting a music system is a costly affair, I thought why not to buy our own which could be used in other future parties hosted at home.

I browsed some websites on Google and I came across the following two best multi room audio systems. Why I opted for multi room systems as I came to know that it lets you play different music in different rooms which I found a fantastic feature. As we know kids never come to attend the party alone they are always accompanied by their parents. So I thought play different songs as per age level.

Let me share here two sets of wireless multi room audio systems from HEOS by Denon and Pure which I have short listed. Now as a reader you recommend me which one should I go for.

HEOS Multi Room Audio System:
These come in three sizes; small HEOS 3, medium HEOS 5 and large HEOS 7. I would like to go for HEOS 7 and HEOS 5 as with these I can play different music in separate rooms. For example kids can dance to their favorite music tunes and rock; that I have planned in my kid’s room which is big enough. Parents and other adults can hit the floor which I have planned in the living room which is enough spacious.

I have read about good reviews and ratings of HEOS multi room systems at Amazon, Best buy and many other sites. You know what these can also be operated via HEOS App with the use of an iOS or Andriod phone. Isn’t it amazing via a single touch play music and rock the party and let guests enjoy it fully.

Jongo Wireless Multi Room Family from Pure:
These also come in various shapes and sizes which I think will suit my purpose. These can let you stream bass-rich, high quality sound, and let your party rock. The Jongo speakers can be easily fitted in your house or the party area and delivers supersonic sound. It also lets you stream music via your smartphone or tablet to listen to the music. Its reviews are good as I read them in many product selling sites.

Now from all of the readers I request you all to drop in your comments and help me which one should I actually go for. My first choice is HEOS and 2nd is Jongo from Pure. But readers’ comments are invited and I will go as per your feedback.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Apple is all Set to Conquer the Music Streaming World

The technology world is all flooded with gadgets which have made our life comfortable and easy going. One such a revolution in the music world is music streaming. Many of us must be using this service but hardly are aware of its basic advantage.

Let me give you its clear idea. There are actually two ways to listen or watch your favorite audio and video file. Firstly you can download file to your computer and then watch it later.
The other way out is let download of the file start and then listen to the music often called as streaming of music.

I can explain this with the help of an example as it is not easy to download all the songs that are being played. For that there is an option to listen to the radio station online and let the music stream. Here your tablet or PC gets connected to the radio station and receives an audio feed, or stream, which is then delivered to your computer with the radio station's programming.

In a recent news post it was mentioned that Apple will soon overpower the music streaming services market. Off course Apple has recently entered into the music streaming market but it is surely going to excel. But Apple can surely dominate the music streaming market with the launch of its music streaming service.

iTunes: iTunes by Apple has been globally known for digital music purchase over many years now. It can work well with a huge selection of music and works seamlessly with iPod, iPhone, or computer. Off course Spotify, Rdio and Google Play Music all are strong brands but have not reached upto the mark of Apple and iTunes.

You can read the complete news here in detail

Music streaming service is fine but ever thought about the devices I mean here the wireless speakers, stereo systems which can be used to play that song. This would not have been possible without the latest launch of compatible and high end audio technology enabled wireless music systems by brands.

Brands like HEOS by Denon, Sony, LG are famous in letting users play their favorite music via iTunes.

These audio systems launched by the brands are integrated with the music app on every iOS device.
To sum up wish all the best to Apple.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Google Cast for Music Streaming Chosen for Sony, LG , HEOS Wireless Speakers

This is a major breakthrough in the audio world with Google announcing the release of a software called Google Cast which is currently available for major audio giants HEOS by Denon, Sony and LG. This Google cast for audio was announced by Google during the ongoing CES 2015 which is off course the much awaited technology event of the year. It was announced by Google to let users stream audio wirelessly from apps such as Deezer, Google Play Music, iHearRadio, Pandora directly to the wireless speakers which support Google Cast. 

The best part out of it is that now Google Cast supported speakers can take audio content from the cloud, hence letting users to continue with their other tasks on their devices without consuming the battery.
However this has been announced that it will available for the Google compatible speakers this spring season.

Out of the three Google compatible speakers we will be discussing here HEOS by Denon which has chosen Broadcom Corporation as a high-end audio platform to stream music via HEOS Google Cast compatible multi-room wireless speakers. Now with this integration Google Cast will certainly allow HEOS users to play their audio content via Android or iOS mobile device which in turn are connected to their home Wi-Fi network.

As per the recently released news from sources it was highlighted that this collaboration of Broadcom with Denon has majorly brought in Google Cast functionalities to the HEOS wireless speakers. Hence providing audio consumers and audiophiles with highest sound quality and audio experience with these wireless home speakers. This integration of the high- performance processing and Wi-Fi technology, has majorly brought in significant functionalities.

Check out this video which was released by Google Chrome which can take you through how to cast music from your mobile phone to your HEOS wireless speaker, Sony wireless speakers or LG music speakers

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How to Set up HEOS App with an iOS device?

A friend of mine got HEOS 3 wireless speaker as the New Year gift. He was quite happy as it was a surprise gift to him and above all music is his passion as he is a die-hard music lover.
He could not get the time to call someone for installation of this HEOS wireless speaker system so tried doing the same from reading the instructions from the owner’s manual. I thought to offer him some help. So while helping him out in the installation process I jolted down some points from the owner’s manual on how to connect HEOS wireless speaker to an iOS  device.
As per the recent news source the launch of HEOS wireless speakers has created a recent buzz in audio world. Moreover it’s giving a direct competition to the Sonos systems.

Keeping in view the growing demands of its users; HEOS music streaming app is developed to be flexible with multiple operating systems such as Apple's iOS and Android. Its download operation is quite easy for those who want to enjoy music at their HEOS system.

Let us now discuss here how to connect to your HEOS system using HEOS app.

  • First and foremost step would be to connect your iOS device to your wireless network. Check the device's Settings and make sure the wireless option is enabled. 
  • Once the device is connected to the wireless network you can download free HEOS App from the Apple App Store. In the Apple App Store's Search engine; type the HEOS App which can bring it up the right way and then install it to start the download operation. Once the App download is done, select ‘Open’ to make the setup process start right away.
  • If the HEOS App is available you can then unpack the HEOS system and connect it to the power source. The App then asks you to make the software download update available. It is always better to go ahead with the updates as this way you can avoid any minor problems. The software update helps to make the sound quality of the system better to keep everything up to the date.
  • After this the next thing would be to ‘Add Device’ by using the App. It can be accessed from App’s main page which is at the top left of App screen. Check in the first setup screen (Fig which shows where to make the connection. One end can be connected to the headphone jack of your iOS device and other one is connected to the rear side of HEOS device marked as "AUX IN." 

  • After plugging in process select Next and then App asks you to press "Connect" button which is at the rear panel of the HEOS system. (Fig 2) 
  • Later press "Connect" button LED flashes green for few seconds and then turns to solid green. 
  • You will be asked for the wireless encryption key or wireless password (Fig 4) later on.
  • Next your HEOS 3 system will be asking for orientation of the system. (Be it vertical or horizontal) (Fig 5)
  • Final part asks you to name or label the setup process (Fig 6)
  • After the system’s name is established you are now connected and the App will ask if you want to connect another HEOS system or finish the process. (Fig 7) 
  • Hope the above set up directions help you to connect to your HEOS system very easily that too without any problem.