Thursday, November 27, 2014

Black Friday Tech Gadgets Which are on Sale

For those who were waiting for the day when they could get best shopping deals of the year. Their wait is over. Tomorrow is the Black Friday which many of us know comes after Thanksgiving Day. It marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season which is the most awaited occasion of the year. Many online retailers have already started to offer their promotional sales deals to kick off the start of the holiday season. Be it clothing or household goods, everything you can get at discounted price on Black Friday. Also the sooner you jump to your nearest shopping mall or buy online the more and more profit you can get on your purchase -

Here I will be discussing which all tech gadgets are there for Black Friday Deals.

Samsung Galaxy S5 High End Smartphone: Samsung's Galaxy S5 high-end smartphone with 16-megapixel camera Android 4.4 KitKat OS; with such a good display, qua-core processor it surely gives you an amazing experience. It is available at great discounts on Black Friday. Offered by Walmart,Target and Best Buy at best price.

Wearable Device from MisFit: From the makers of wearable activity tracking devices Misfit, is offering best discounted deals for its customers this Black Friday. This device was much of the talking point when it was launched last year. Wearable technology is in boom these days many more brands are trying their hands on making wearable devices which can actually please them.

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker (Black): Bose has offered deal on this Bluetooth speaker which helps to pair your device easily. It goes well with your smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth device that too within 30 feet range. It has a voice prompt feature letting you talk through Bluetooth pairing, hence making things simple. 

Denon AVR-X1000 5.1-Channel Networking Home Theater AV Receiver with AirPlay:
Denon is one of the renowned brands for making high quality home entertainment systems. This product can be checked for black Friday deal on Amazon for its users. It can offer 5.1 channels powerful sound to provide high power with low distortion. It also offers sound transmission with AirPlay, Pandora, Spotify, & Sirius XM. Denon is offering a free heos link pre-amplifier with some selected denon receivers. Those who are new to this “HEOS by Denon” brand let me introduce it to them. Denon has ventured into wireless multi room music systems with the launch of its new product series with named as HEOS. Apart from other products it has launched three set of wireless speakers named as HEOS 7 large size wifi speaker, HEOS 5 medium size wifi speaker and HEOS 3 small size wifi speaker. 

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Till then Enjoy Shopping at Black Friday Deal Tomorrow!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Rock on to Your Favorite Music Tune with Wireless Bluetooth Headset

These days everyone owns either an iPod, iPhone or iPad to get the good experience of music world. Although these come with in-built speakers but they cannot actually play music so loud. There arises the need to know which Bluetooth headsets can work best with all these devices. Let’s have a look at the following points which can help you to play music via the Bluetooth headsets. If you are using iPad or mp3 player simply download all of the music files to its drive. You have two options you can either go for wireless headsets or go for wired ones. The wired method of listening is now become almost obsolete people prefer to use wireless Bluetooth headsets as they can be easily played anytime anywhere.

Wireless Headsets

Wired headsets: Simply insert your headphones pair or ear buds to your iPad or iPhone socket. Once your music device checks that the headset is inserted it then routes the sound from iPad or iPhone speakers to the wired headsets automatically.

Wireless headsets: To avail the benefits of iPad, iPhone or iPod you should use stereo wireless headphones as they get connected to the iPad's Bluetooth transceiver easily. It also helps you to get rid of the jumbled headset wiring.

Now time to think which Bluetooth headset to purchase.

We all know that these are expensive in comparison to the wired ones. It is mandatory for you to make sure that you are going for the right one. Numerous brands claim their Bluetooth headset is the best but which one to opt for is the choice of the buyer. Ultimately what a buyer wants best of the best at reasonable price. Don’t ever purchase the ones meant for the normal cell phones as these donot have the bass, treble maintained well. You should go for the ones which are stereo Bluetooth headsets as these give you superb sound output that literally amuses you.

These days music world uses much of the wireless technology which is booming at the speed of light with new inventions occurring every now and then. The wireless technology uses radio frequencies or the infrareds or Bluetooth to successfully carry the signals from transmission to the receiver end. The infrared technology has the disadvantage that there should be direct wireless sight of the transmitter and receiver that too without any hindrance. Hence the radio frequencies are used mostly for transmission to pass the signal.

In order to let the music be listened to a higher volume of audience wireless surround speakers came into existence which was a boon to many audiophiles. Those who got bored of the stereo wireless headsets switched to the wireless speaker systems as they covered large areas of your house. These can be played to the latest iPhone, iPad or iPod simply by the download of the application software. Now playing music is much easy simply just a finger touch away.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Patent Infringement: Sonos Vs Denon

We all know every brand across different industry verticals is striving hard to be at the top in order to survive in their respective industries. Be it automobile, technology, manufacturing or audio industry vertical. Winner of the race is the one who adopts latest innovative techniques to develop consumer centric products. 

Many people, believe that using a complete home wireless audio system is convenient. People prefer to use flexible systems when they want to listen to their favorite music tune wherever and whenever possible. In the end it’s the quality sound that matters and so does flexibility, but all depends upon which audio brand products you choose from.

Let us discuss here the recent buzz in audio industry about Sonos has filed a lawsuit against D&M Holdings over HEOS product line and also in their response D+M Group, the parent company of Denon indicated their willingness to engage.
With the launch of the HEOS range of Wireless speakers by Denon, Sonos actually faces tough competition from audio industry giant Denon.

Apart from HEOS by Denon, other audio/video technology giants include LG, Samsung, and Bose have actually created a tough competition for Sonos.

Craig Shelburne, co-founder and general counsel for Sonos, says “For anyone who has looked at Denon’s Heos product line, you will recognize many of the same elements found in Sonos products, with little or no effort to differentiate features or functionality. You can read complete details about Sonos lawsuit here

As per the recent news release D&M Group has issued response to Sonos Lawsuit.
In response to this lawsuit filed by Sonos, D+M Group has quoted the following reply “D+M has been a technology innovator for over 100 years and has an extensive intellectual property portfolio to protect our products. Given our experience and wealth of expertise, we absolutely stand behind our HEOS products and technology and are well prepared to defend our intellectual property,” said Jim Caudill, CEO of D+M Group. “We are an innovative company, constantly seeking to create the best products in the marketplace.” To meet the high bar set by Denon’s 100-year legacy of premier audio quality, Denon’s engineers and designers worked for more than ten years to develop HEOS by Denon.

Let’s wish all the best to both Denon and Sonos as these two brands have since many decades set a good benchmark for all the upcoming audio manufactures. 
In the end I would say that I will keep on following this story and also keep you updated with any new developments.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Beginners Guide to Planning Multi Room Home Music Systems

What exactly you mean by multi room music system. These are also called as home music systems.  They simply need proper planning and installation so that these systems can offer best sound quality. You can get to listen to your favorite music and movie collection from any room even from kitchen, bathroom or swimming pool area. These systems have become quite popular among those who want to enjoy music at full pace.
These simple multi room system need speaker wires connected to one terminal to the others connected to two additional speakers in another room. 

Planning this multi room audio system needs certain steps to be followed which are mentioned here one by one:

  • Consider the number of rooms where you are planning to use this system. 
  • Simple two room systems just needs speaker switch to connect to receiver that too with additional speaker pairs. Proper use of AV receivers help your system to be connected to multi room for full sound quality.
  • The old music systems did not have the facility to listen to different music in each room. Now these new multi room audio systems have come up with this feature to listen to your favorite music wherever you and in the home.
  • Which all sources you can actually include there are satellite radio, CD, computer audio or music server, tape, etc. You can go further with other music sources depending upon your choice and cost of the system.
  • Ceiling or wall mount speakers: In wall, in ceiling or wall mount speakers are much preferred as they are grilled inside the wall and are not visible outside. It does require bit more of money and time as speaker installation needs that.
  • Choose wireless multi room systems rather than going for wired ones as they need less wiring and hence helps to use the available space properly.
  • You can use a CAT-5 wiring instead as it does distribute the unamplified level of signals properly from one to multi rooms that too without any interference.
  • Commonly used is the wi-fi technology which is used to get the best out of a home music system 

Hope the beginners who were unaware about the multi room systems now got to know exactly about them. Next time we will be discussing about the major brands which are manufacturing these systems