Thursday, January 8, 2015

Google Cast for Music Streaming Chosen for Sony, LG , HEOS Wireless Speakers

This is a major breakthrough in the audio world with Google announcing the release of a software called Google Cast which is currently available for major audio giants HEOS by Denon, Sony and LG. This Google cast for audio was announced by Google during the ongoing CES 2015 which is off course the much awaited technology event of the year. It was announced by Google to let users stream audio wirelessly from apps such as Deezer, Google Play Music, iHearRadio, Pandora directly to the wireless speakers which support Google Cast. 

The best part out of it is that now Google Cast supported speakers can take audio content from the cloud, hence letting users to continue with their other tasks on their devices without consuming the battery.
However this has been announced that it will available for the Google compatible speakers this spring season.

Out of the three Google compatible speakers we will be discussing here HEOS by Denon which has chosen Broadcom Corporation as a high-end audio platform to stream music via HEOS Google Cast compatible multi-room wireless speakers. Now with this integration Google Cast will certainly allow HEOS users to play their audio content via Android or iOS mobile device which in turn are connected to their home Wi-Fi network.

As per the recently released news from sources it was highlighted that this collaboration of Broadcom with Denon has majorly brought in Google Cast functionalities to the HEOS wireless speakers. Hence providing audio consumers and audiophiles with highest sound quality and audio experience with these wireless home speakers. This integration of the high- performance processing and Wi-Fi technology, has majorly brought in significant functionalities.

Check out this video which was released by Google Chrome which can take you through how to cast music from your mobile phone to your HEOS wireless speaker, Sony wireless speakers or LG music speakers

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How to Set up HEOS App with an iOS device?

A friend of mine got HEOS 3 wireless speaker as the New Year gift. He was quite happy as it was a surprise gift to him and above all music is his passion as he is a die-hard music lover.
He could not get the time to call someone for installation of this HEOS wireless speaker system so tried doing the same from reading the instructions from the owner’s manual. I thought to offer him some help. So while helping him out in the installation process I jolted down some points from the owner’s manual on how to connect HEOS wireless speaker to an iOS  device.
As per the recent news source the launch of HEOS wireless speakers has created a recent buzz in audio world. Moreover it’s giving a direct competition to the Sonos systems.

Keeping in view the growing demands of its users; HEOS music streaming app is developed to be flexible with multiple operating systems such as Apple's iOS and Android. Its download operation is quite easy for those who want to enjoy music at their HEOS system.

Let us now discuss here how to connect to your HEOS system using HEOS app.

  • First and foremost step would be to connect your iOS device to your wireless network. Check the device's Settings and make sure the wireless option is enabled. 
  • Once the device is connected to the wireless network you can download free HEOS App from the Apple App Store. In the Apple App Store's Search engine; type the HEOS App which can bring it up the right way and then install it to start the download operation. Once the App download is done, select ‘Open’ to make the setup process start right away.
  • If the HEOS App is available you can then unpack the HEOS system and connect it to the power source. The App then asks you to make the software download update available. It is always better to go ahead with the updates as this way you can avoid any minor problems. The software update helps to make the sound quality of the system better to keep everything up to the date.
  • After this the next thing would be to ‘Add Device’ by using the App. It can be accessed from App’s main page which is at the top left of App screen. Check in the first setup screen (Fig which shows where to make the connection. One end can be connected to the headphone jack of your iOS device and other one is connected to the rear side of HEOS device marked as "AUX IN." 

  • After plugging in process select Next and then App asks you to press "Connect" button which is at the rear panel of the HEOS system. (Fig 2) 
  • Later press "Connect" button LED flashes green for few seconds and then turns to solid green. 
  • You will be asked for the wireless encryption key or wireless password (Fig 4) later on.
  • Next your HEOS 3 system will be asking for orientation of the system. (Be it vertical or horizontal) (Fig 5)
  • Final part asks you to name or label the setup process (Fig 6)
  • After the system’s name is established you are now connected and the App will ask if you want to connect another HEOS system or finish the process. (Fig 7) 
  • Hope the above set up directions help you to connect to your HEOS system very easily that too without any problem.