Thursday, June 25, 2015

HEOS 1 and Go Pack- This Summer’s Must Have Audio Accessories!

Summer is here audiophiles! That means it’s time to trade your indoor systems and isolating headphones for an outdoor speaker that will blanket space, your friends and family with awesome music. Whether you’re in your backyard or at the beach, there’s no doubt that the environment has shifted and now it’s time to shift your music gear as well.

Anyone who knows me can tell you that audio technology is my obsession but fewer people would know that I’m also a design junkie. Crossing innovative tech with gorgeous design is like a symphony to me, which is why I’ve fallen in love with the recently released HEOS 1 portable wireless speaker and corresponding Go Pack.

HEOS 1 Portable Wireless Speaker

For those of you who don’t know, HEOS speakers are part of a product line by Denon- an audio technology company that’s been in the game for a really long time and has produced many industry firsts along the way.  They’ve now become one of the only major audio players to offer a solid outdoor speaker option, and the fantastic sound quality and upscale design of the units truly speaks for itself.

What’s really impressed me about the HEOS 1 however, is the accompanying Go Pack.   It is, in essence, a rechargeable battery pack that lasts up to six hours.  Also included is a Bluetooth USB adaptor, as well as a splashguard to protect the unit from any stray fluids.  It is, after all, an outdoor speaker.

The Go Pack’s design is beautifully simplistic.  It quickly and easily twists on and off at the bottom of the HEOS 1.

HEOS 1 Go Pack

The included Bluetooth USB adaptor plugs into the back of the speaker to enable wireless streaming without access to a network and as a bonus, you can even charge your phone when it’s connected to the USB port- all while you enjoy your music!

I highly recommend you take your HEOS 1 and the Go Pack anywhere you go this summer. With its water and humidity resistant exterior, superior Denon sound quality, six-hour battery and smartphone charging ability, this may be the season’s perfect accessory. Technology, style, convenience, quality. In my opinion, this is another homerun by the audio professionals at Denon.