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Know All About Amplifiers

An amplifier is a gadget that transfers an increasing sound of an instrument. Amplifiers are widely used in radios, television sets, microcomputers, guitars and other instruments of music. There are different kinds of amplifiers. 

An amplifier is a gadget that transfers the increasing sound of an instrument. Amplifiers are widely used in radios, television sets, microcomputers, guitars and other instruments of music. There are many types of amplifiers which include the following: electronic, power vacuum or valve tube, video, music and many more.
Moreover, amplifiers have certain features that are important to consider. These features are gain, bandwidth, efficiency, linearity, noise, output dynamic range, slew rate, rise time, settling time and ringing, overshoot and lastly the stability factor. Nowadays, amplifiers normally refer to an 'electronic amplifier' that has an audio. Amplifiers also have an input frequency known as the 'transfer function'. Amplifiers also have magnitudes of the transfer function that are called 'gain'. An amplifier is a device that highlights the sound of any instrument.

Listed below are the features of an amplifier:

Gain: The gain of an amplifier is the ratio of the output to the input power and is basically measured by the volume.

Bandwidth: Bandwidths give the amplifier a 'satisfactory performance'. This feature can also be defined as "the dissimilarity between the lower and upper half power points". The half power points are located where the power goes down by half its peak value.

Efficiency: This amplifier feature is measured by how much input power is usefully applied to the amplifier. The limit of an ordinary amplifier is that the amplifier has up to 50 percent efficiency. Class A amplifiers are useless. This is because the efficiency of this kind of gadget ranges from 20 up to 30 percent with a maximum percentage of 45. Class B amplifiers have extremely high efficiency.

Noise: The noise is measured by the amount of noise the amplifier had launched. The noise is also measured by its volume and also known as the "peak output power" that is created by the amplifier.
Output dynamic range: The output dynamic range that is frequently specified in amplifiers is between the minimum and prime functional output levels. The lowest functional level is limited by the output noise while the prime is limited by distortion.

Slew Rate: The rate modifies the output variable. Slew rates are usually quoted in volts per second. A lot of amplifiers are only limited to its slew rate. Thus, they are typically the impedance of a drive current having to overcome the capacitive effects. The slew rate may limit the full power of the bandwidth.

Rise Time: The rise time of an amplifier is the time taken for the output to change from 20 percent up to 90 percent on its final level by driving a step input.
Settling time and ringing: The settling time and ringing is the time taken for the output to settle to a certain percentage of the final value. This is generally precise for oscilloscope vertical amplifiers and has a high accuracy measurement system. Ringing refers to an output that cycle its final value while its final value had been delayed.

Overshoot: It is the amount of output exceeded to its final and steady-state value.
Stability factor: Stability factors are a main concern in RF and microwave amplifiers. The stability degree of an amplifier can be regarded by a so-called stability factor.

Listed below are several types of amplifiers.

Electronic Amplifier: This type of amplifier is a gadget that is normally used in radios, televisions, guitars, microcomputers and other instruments. An electronic amplifier may be considered as a device used for modulating the output of a power supply.

Power Amplifier: This particular kind of amplifier is used in taking a signal from a source gadget and making it appropriate for a powerful loudspeaker. The purpose of this power amplifier is to take a weak signal and make it a strong one, which should be enough to drive a powerful speaker. The units of power amplifiers are known as watts. Power amplifiers also have a power rating. The power rating is present in various types of amplifiers. Power amplifiers are the ones that typically need the most attention towards the power. Normally used in car amplifiers.

Vacuum Amplifier: This type of amplifier is also called a valve tube amplifier. It is a gadget that is used to create an electrical signal by controlling the function of electrons in a low-pressure space. A vacuum or valve amplifier is much more cost efficient in a high power application such as 'radar' counter measures equipment or communication equipment. A vacuum or valve tube amplifier also has an application of pre-dated electronics. Electronics is determined as a mechanical computer like slide that rules to the peak of obsolescence.

Operational Amplifier: operational amplifiers are also called "Op-amps". This kind of amplifier has a solid state of integrated circuit amplifiers that is used in order to control any outside feedback. Operational amplifiers must contain a high-gain electronic voltage amplifier with a degree of difference in its inputs and a normally single output. Usually, the output of this kind of amplifier is controlled by a negative feedback that has a large verified degree of its output voltage. Op-amps have the most widely used electronic gadget. This kind of amplifier is also the most used by consumers. Operational amplifiers are used as an industrial and scientific gadget.

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Stereo Amplifiers: Never Compromise on the Quality of Sound

There are numerous different types of stereo amplifiers that are designed in high end levels. They play an important role for the amusements of the listener by boosting up the quality of sound. Music is the most pleasant relief for every individual's soul and everyone like it. From a teenager to an old person, everyone has an interest in music depending on their choice. A person is having party or leisure, listening is the common activity in the form of music in a party and that is why it is considered as a perfect time pass. It is seen that the listeners often get irritated when there is poor sound quality, they usually loss their interest but with the audio amplifiers the voice is sharp, clear and a heart touching beat therefore those people who are conscious enough about the sound quality, they are having major concern for the amplifiers in order to make these people delighted and jubilant.

Audio amplifiers are available in different forms such as car amplifiers, portable amplifiers and home amplifiers etc. Home stereo amplifier comprises many applications such as for the audio systems; people can record their voices louder than normal recording with the help of loudspeakers in order to make it more audible. There are further types of stereo amplifier for home like the electronic amplifiers, which are mostly used in televisions.

The efficiency of audio amplifiers can be determined by its power. But a big time of people is passed out of the home and then they listen by their phones, laptops, different players and other portable devices. Besides these devices a great audience is used of listening different programs or music in the car. Therefore, there are a large number of different amplifiers, which are designed for these portable devices so that people can have more fun and joy without any restriction of being home.

The trend of listening music in the car has been greatly seen and now CDs, DVDs and even flash drives can be used to store the music files, therefore people are being accustomed of listening music in car. The amplifiers are also available even for the earphones and there is a great range of portable USB amplifiers. The most well liked form of amplifiers which are being designed for different proposes are US USB sound card amplifier splitter HDMI-102 channel professional car output power amplifier etc. There are some other types of car stereo amplifiers such as one channel, two channel, three or four channel, five channels and the mono/bridge channel. Each channel has its own properties and characteristics.

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Get more power from your car speakers

In this article we shall discuss how to make car speakers louder and sound better. Speakers play an important role in determining the sound level reaching the ears of the listener. Various elements come into picture in determining the quality of sound like source of sound and how its amplified. So speakers in particular assume greater importance.

Fidelity of the speaker has to be enhanced and it is necessary to neutralize the unwanted noise from vehicles, wind, other vehicles on road. So the challenge faced is that proper balance has to be maintained. Car audio professionals try to make sound from speakers sound more effective, clear and louder overcoming all the problems faced.

This article outlines the ways in which we will be able to make the car speaker louder. The things needed to complete this job are car amplifier, radio of the car and sub woofer powered by the battery of the car. The major means that we will be discussing for increasing the loudness are adding sub woofers, amplifiers and adjusting fade controls, bass and settings of treble. Let us look at each method in detail in the forthcoming paragraphs.

First let us learn adjustment of settings of bass and treble. Before adjusting they are at preset conditions set by the factory. It can be changed in any one of the following ways. Both the settings of bass and treble can be increased at the same time. When we set them at such a higher level volume of speaker gets increased automatically.

Treble always corresponds to clarity. So for those who feel clarity is very important the treble is set at a level higher than that of bass. Bass is set at a level higher than the level of treble if bass is less or lacking. Again it depends on our liking or taste.

Next way by which sound coming from the speakers can be enhanced is by adjustment of fade control. The function of this fade control is restricted to the back and front. When the fade control at the front of the car is adjusted we get a not only better volume but also better clarity while on drive. This is very useful as there are lots of disturbances on road while on drive. When the fade is adjusted at the rear end greater sound is obtained. We must have noticed that speakers at the back are usually larger. This helps in producing a stronger and also an effective base. Thus these fade controls have significant influence in the sound field controlling the volume.

Next effective way is addition of sub woofer. They give power or boost the lower tones. They can enhance sound waves that are in the lower range of frequencies.

Next we will see about addition of amplifier. It performs the following important functions. The fidelity of the speaker is increased. Then by powering the car speakers the sound level gets boosted.

Thus we have seen how to make car speakers louder by various ways explained in detail with procedure.

Wide Range of Car Speakers

Normally audio system should be easily installed in any kind of environment. The speakers doesn't grasp more power, it requires only lesser amount of power than other accessories. We all know that electronics is one of the most important sectors for human. Electronics is inevitable things in our life. Our surroundings is fully made up of electronic items or products. Electronic field is one of the fast emerging fields so there is need of upgrade your product. The technology used in a new version is tremendous compared to previous one. The outdated products are suffered by unavailability of spare parts.

Importance of Quality Speakers:

Car speakers are available in wide range with different quality. The quality of the car speaker should be determined by different criteria's. Normally companies like BMW, Renault are given importance to the quality rather than cost minimization. The user of BMW and Renault are expected the product in higher quality. So the company requires satisfying their customer need. By altering the property of the car speakers we can achieve the quality product.

Speaker Characteristics:

The speaker characteristic should be changed if the environment of the speaker is changed. The reflex sound should disturb the speaker sound if the speaker placed in echo producing room. To avoid that sound absorbing material should be covered with speaker. Normally sound produced from system is get amplified with the help of speakers, but some time the intensity of sound is not enough for the user. At that double amplify property should be installed to the speaker to achieve the high intensity speakers. It should be installed with the help of adding one separate circuit in the speaker.

Problem in Car Speakers:

A major problem in the car speakers is distortion. This is due to the receiving signal is slightly deviate from the actual signal. To neglect the distortion we need to add some more elements to perform the signal conditioning and signal filtering. By doing this distortion is completely avoided in the car speakers. The initiation of distortion is from the driver, so the signal-conditioning unit rectifies the distortion by rectifying the driver property. The taste of the people is changed person to person. Some people like to hear soft music and some people like to hear fast music's. These two can be obtained by fixing the correct dynamic range in the speaker system.

Speaker Mounting:

The noise is directly depending on the signal receiving. The noise is emerging from the speaker is high then the signal receiving unit is doesn't perform well. If the noise is emerged at lower level then the signal-receiving unit perform its task efficiently. Signal receiving unit is responsible for finding the correct signal from the wide range of spectrum. Mounting is also another essential characteristic for the speaker to perform its function effectively. Good mounted speaker is achieved by with the help of proper installation. An experienced worker is needed to mount the speaker correctly. Mounting is inbuilt in most of the multinational companies like Renault etc. The cost of the speakers is also available in wider range. All the companies optimize their speaker cost to pull the customer.

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Surround Sound Speakers: Why is in Demand

Surround sound speakers encompasses a range of latest techniques such as for enriching the sound reproduction quality of an audio source with audio channels reproduced via additional, discrete audio speakers. Surround sound is characterized by a listener location or sweet spot where the audio effects work better, and presents a fixed or forward perspective of the sound field to the listener at this location. There are other non surround based formats. The three-dimensional (3D) sphere of human hearing can be virtually achieved with audio channels that surround the audio listener. To that end, the multichannel surround sound application encircles the audience with surround channels (left-surround, right-surround, back-surround), as opposed to "screen channels" (center, [front] left, and [front] right), i.e. ca. 360° horizontal plane (2D).

Though home theater, cinema and soundtracks represent the major uses of surround techniques, its scope of application is broader than that as surround sound permits to create an audio-environment for all sorts of purposes. Multichannel audio techniques may be used to reproduced contents as varied as music, speech, natural or synthetic sounds for cinema, television, broadcasting, or computers. In terms of music content for example, a live performance may use multichannel techniques in the context of an open-air concert, of a musical theatre or for broadcasting; for a film specific techniques are adapted to movie theater, or to home (e.g. home cinema systems).The narrative space is also a content that can be enhanced through multichannel techniques. This applies mainly to cinema narratives, for example the speech of the characters of a film, but may also be applied to plays for theatre, to a conference, or to integrate voice-based comments in an archeological site or monument. For example, an exhibition may be enhanced with topical ambient sound of water, birds, train or machine noise. Topical natural sounds may also be used in educational applications. Other fields of application include video game consoles, personal computers and other platforms. In such audio applications, the content would typically be synthetic noise produced by the computer device in interaction with its user. Significant work has also been done using surround sound for enhanced situation awareness in military and public safety applications.

Commercial surround sound media include videocassettes, DVDs, and HDTV broadcasts encoded as compressed Dolby Digital and DTS, and lossless audio such as DTS HD Master Audio and Dolby True HD on Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD, which are identical to the studio master. Other commercial formats include the competing DVD-Audio (DVD-A) and Super Audio CD (SACD) formats, and MP3 Surround. Cinema 5.1 surround formats include Dolby Digital and DTS. Sony Dynamic Digital Sound (SDDS) is a 8 channel cinema configuration which features 5 independent audio channels across the front with two independent surround channels, and a Low-frequency effects channel. Traditional 7.1 surround sound speaker configuration introduces two additional rear speakers to the conventional 5.1 arrangement, for a total of four surround channels and three front channels, to create a more 360° sound field.

Most surround sound recordings are created by film production companies or video game producers; however some consumer camcorders have such capability either built-in or available separately. Surround sound technologies can also be used in music to enable new methods of artistic expression. After the failure of quadraphonic audio in the 1970s, multichannel music has slowly been reintroduced since 1999 with the help of SACD and DVD-Audio formats. Some AV receivers, stereophonic systems, and computer sound cards contain integral digital signal processors and/or digital audio processors to simulate surround sound from a stereophonic source.

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McIntosh MCD1100: USB Audio Player

The McIntosh MCD1100 is more than the most advanced CD/SACD Player. The McIntosh MCD1100 has quad balanced digital to analog conversion, variable audio output for preamplifier functionality, five digital inputs (one USB), and high audio performance balanced level control circuitry. It's a complete value for money deal for all the music lovers and the users who like McIntosh.

Use it as digital source component or connect directly to a McIntosh amplifier and enjoy a complete digital based McIntosh audio player.

Note that USB input is currently limited to 48/16 resolution input. McIntosh will have a software update to take this to 96/24 in the June 2011 timeframe.

Checkout some other feature products from McIntosh Labs -

McIntosh AP1
McIntosh MCLK12

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McIntosh MC452: Powerful Stereo Amplifier

McIntosh rich in delivering high quality, better sound power full amplifiers and McIntosh MC452 is another power full brand from the McIntosh labs.
McIntosh MC452 comes with stereo amplifier sound and rich with circuit and cosmetic design. The proven McIntosh amp technologies of the McIntosh MC452 result in an amplifier that will last a lifetime.

The most powerful McIntosh stereo amplifier, the McIntosh MC452 Quad Balanced amplifier delivers the high quality music with all speaker brands. The McIntosh MC452 has a new McIntosh chassis and faceplate design featuring larger easier to read Power Wattmeters framed with attractive aluminum side handles. The new amplifier chassis design allows cool, quiet long life performance with a pleasing, compelling appearance.

Like the MC1.2K and new MC302, the McIntosh MC452 has the latest electrical design using thermaltrak transistors which promises ‘Just Right’ temperature and stable life. The McIntosh MC452 also has meter backlight control for use with compatible McIntosh Control Centers.

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What is an Amplifier and What Are Amplifiers Used For?

If you don't own a car with a custom stereo or any type of car amplifier than you probably are not aware of what an amplifier is and what it does. An amplifier is simply a piece of electronic equipment that takes the sound produced from a musical instrument or a stereo and increases or amplifies that signal and that electronic output comes through the speaker.

An amplifier is necessary for many musical instruments in order to connect them to speakers. Amplifiers also help produce unique sounds that you hear many musicians play, most notably guitar players.

Most guitar players can people with car stereos basically just want an amplifier to produce very loud sounds without a lot of distortion of the sound.

How good the amplifier is depends on a number of specifications. The gain is the ratio between the output and the input and is usually measured in decibels.

Bandwidth is another important specification to consider. It is the range of frequencies that the amplifier can produce.

Another quality to consider it the efficiency, especially for car stereos. The efficiency tells you how much of the power that goes to the amplifier is actually applied to the output. Class A amplifier are the most inefficient, while Class AB amps are the best.

The bottom line is that people use amplifiers to make their cars and musical instruments sound very allow. More sophisticated musicians buy amplifiers to produce a higher and richer sound than what the instrument could produce just by itself.

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Car Amplifiers: Sound That Thrilled You

Everyone who have car like to have powerful sound system inside the car but having a music system inside the car is not enough. Car system must be compatible with your car design and you have powerful car amplifier within it.
McIntosh delivers powerful car amplifiers which adjust with every design and release sound which thrilled you, if you are going for a long drive.
All the McIntosh car amplifiers tested in labs and with high quality parameters to provide you high quality car amplifiers. Browse car amplifiers gallery and choose your car amplifier, you can download products manual to get the complete details. Below i have mention list of car amplifiers -

McIntosh MCC204
McIntosh MCC301M
McIntosh MCC302
McIntosh MCC404M
McIntosh MCC406M

Enjoy world class McIntosh audio products!!!

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Integrated Amplifiers Bring All Features Together

If you are looking for features of both, i mean preamplifier and power amplifier, integrated amplifier is the perfect option to go. Integrated amplifier contains inputs for many devices like CD player, DVD player and other player options.

McIntosh manufactures high quality integrated amplifiers to provide class experience of music. They combined features of their preamplifier and amplifier. Integrated amplifiers commonly had dedicated inputs for turntables, AM/FM tuner, and tape recorders (cassette or reel-to-reel) back when those devices were more common. You can view the products details here - Integrated Amplifiers.

There are many products available under the Integrated Amplifiers and even you can download product manual to know the product brief.

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How and where to place car audio amplifier

After buying your car speakers, you may think the decisions are over. In reality, it is far from that, as you need to decide where to fit your newly purchased car speakers.

Placement of car audio speakers has quite an effect upon sound quality. Rather like a home sound system, the sound quality always changes as you move speakers around. Thus, it's important to get the car speakers in the correct place so as to produce the perfect sound quality.

You can place audio speakers in your car through one or two ways, by custom fit or manufactured fit. You may have already noticed in your car, usually in one of three places (the dash, the door and the rear deck), that there is a space for car speakers. These are created when the car is manufactured; however, they are created as an afterthought, rather than incorporated as part of the design. Because of this, car speakers are not usually placed in the best places in cars, thus this inadvertently affects the quality of the listening experience in your car.

Custom speaker placement is often the way to go, if you want quality sound. Even though, this can be an expensive option if totally custom built, it does provide an overall better quality sound. There are, however, cheaper ways you can fit speakers into your car and still get high quality sound.

Always bear in mind that your home audio system has speakers placed an equally distance apart from each other. This is because an equal distance produces a much better sound quality. So to produce a similar effect, place your car audio speakers the same distance apart from one another. Moreover, make sure that your speakers are above floor level as lowly placed speakers have a significant dampening effect on sound quality. For better sound quality, it is suggested that you place car speakers just above the ear or on level footing with your body.

Speaker placement is vital to getting the most out of your music in your car, so really think about it before you make any decisions. I hope these tips will help you to install your car speaker in more better way.

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Audio amplifier way to go high

Music lovers can do anything for music and buying quality amplifier on high cost is just one of them. McIntosh is the trusted name in the audio products industry who manufactures world class audio speakers, amplifiers, audio sources, processors and many other audio equipment.

With McIntosh power amplifiers you can improve sound quality of your music system. These audio amplifiers are easy to install and perfect in designs. View amplifiers gallery to know about the available products.

You can easily download audio amplifiers manuals to know the details of each amplifier.

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Car Audio Amplifier from McIntosh

If you are music freak and want to install amplifier in your car to get better sound quality here we have the Mcintosh products to enjoy the test of the music. Here we have mention the list of audio car amplifiers from McIntosh -

McIntosh MCC204
McIntosh MCC301M
McIntosh MCC302
McIntosh MCC404M
McIntosh MCC406M

These car audio amplifiers are really cool in terms of sound quality, size, shape but bit expensive as compare other audio amplifiers companies. Visit site to know more about the features and reviews.

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Tips when you buying your audio speakers

The purpose of audio speakers is to ensure you are getting the best out of your sound, whether it be for listening to music, watching films or playing games. There are many different styles, makes and models of audio speakers on the market to choose from. Prior to purchasing your audio speakers, you should consider the points below, to make sure you get the best out of your audio experience and choose speakers which will suit your requirements.

1.Size and Space – There is no point in buying 3/5 speakers if your room is quite small, as they will just look cluttered. It is a better idea instead, to choose two speakers, which will be able to fit nicely in your home, and will not take up too
much space. Wall mounted and floor standing audio speakers are ideal for smaller homes, as they will look good and will not take up too much space. If you do have the luxury of a larger home, you may wish to invest in more audio speakers, perhaps even a full home cinema system. This will allow you to experience sound
as if you are actually at the cinema.

2.Budget and Cost – As there is such a wide range of audio speakers on the market, you will be able to find a set to suit you, no matter what size of budget you have. You can purchase audio speakers for as little as just over £10, but you should be aware that you will get what you pay for. If you want really high quality audio and are looking for something a bit special, then you should be looking to pay around £100, if not more. This is especially the case if you are buying more than two speakers, for a larger home. If you want to impress your guests, then it may be worthwhile investing in a decent set of audio speakers, which will also ensure you get the best possible experience from your sound quality.

3.Subwoofer – The subwoofer is the part of your audio speakers, which gives it that extra 'oomph'. Subwoofers are used as a means of covering deep bass frequencies, which really helps to enhance the sound quality of your films and music. If you are unfamiliar with the technical descriptions of audio speakers, 2.1 is used to describe speakers with a subwoofer. Not all speakers will require the subwoofer, but for others it is an integral part of the speakers.

4.Reviews – In order to get a real feel for the perfect audio speaker for you, it is always a good idea to check out customer reviews first. These will give you the perspective of other consumers, rather than just a product review from the suppliers.

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Audio Preamplifiers Significantly Enhancing Music Experience

Preamplifier always gives you peaceful experience with music because preamplifier is often placed close to the sensor to reduce the effects of noise and interference. Preamplifier is used to boost the voice signal strength to drive the cable to the main instrument without significantly degrading the signal-to-noise ratio. McIntosh delivers high quality audio preamplifier to provide world class music system, all the McIntosh audio engineer have expertise in delivering such types of preamplifier systems. Below see the list of the preamplifier audio system from the lab of McIntosh -

McIntosh C1000
McIntosh C500
McIntosh C2300
McIntosh C50
McIntosh C48
McIntosh C220

Each product have their unique features, you just browse the category to get the product manuals and other product related information. 

Home Theater Processors

If you want to make your home theater system better processor plays vital role to provide high quality music. McIntosh is a leader to provide such home theater processors for the music lovers. McIntosh MX150 provides you high quality audio functions with various control system.

McIntosh MX150 A/V processor comes with many features including room perfect which gives you good voice clarity in every environment and advance control options.

Get more details about the McIntosh MX150 processor

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Handcrafted Car Audio: Make Beautiful your Car Audio System

If you are fascinated about handcrafted product and want to bring something unique - handcrafted car audio system is good for you. Here lots of reasons available to go for handcrafted car audio.

Handcrafted car audio system give you antique look and your car interior start looking awesome. Voice clarity and feel good music experience take you up.

You can add extra audio sources like subwoofer level control knob, hardwired GPS, radar detector and some sound deadening. Go for handcrafted car audio system and i hope you enjoy it lot.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Tube Amplifier: Why still musicians like it

Tube Amplifiers are a type of audio amplifier that uses vacuum tubes or ‘Valves’ to amplify audio signals, typically for powering audio speakers. Tube amplifiers were used exclusively throughout the 20th Century until the adoption of transistors in consumer products of the 1960s.

Tube amplifiers became popular in the 1950s with the rise of sophisticated consumer home audio systems using the newly created high fidelity records, tape recorders and adoption of stereo. High powered low distortion tube amplifiers were developed after World War II as a byproduct of engineering advancements made during the war.

Tube amplifiers have generally been replaced by modern transistor designs in most applications. Musicians that play through amplified instruments, specifically electric guitars and classic organs prefer the sound of tube amplifiers over transistor designs. This has allows the continued production of tubes to flourish which has created a stable supply of parts to continue building modern versions of classic tube amplifiers.

Audio hobbyist in search of the most natural sound quality have continued to use tube home audio amplifiers as many feel these result in better sound quality. High end audio amplifiers may be either tube or transistor depending on the audio fan’s preference.

Tube audio amplifiers have what is often described as a warmer more organic sound that presents music in a romantic yet more involving way. Continued popularity assures tube amplifiers will continue to be the choice of many discerning music listeners. Sound quality of tube amplifier gives musical satisfaction to all the listeners and that’s why still people prefer tube amplifiers.

McIntosh labs USA delivers high end audio products for all listeners who really like quality sound. Browse audio car amplifiers and speakers section to get the awarded audio products.