Friday, June 8, 2012

McIntosh MA5100 Stereo Integrated Amplifier

Vintage McIntosh MA5100 Integrated Amplifier is a stunning example of Mcintosh's Stereo Preamplifier-Power Amplifier. It's an elegant looking unit that bears a close resemblance to the classic C22 pre-amp. Conservatively rated at 45 Watts per channel, it probably puts out at least 55 WPC in actual use. See full specs below. The original owners manual comes with it, not a copy. This is a very versatile and well laid out unit that will handle two turntables. These integrated amps from Mcintosh are often overlooked as a great centerpiece in a vintage two channel sound system. For the price of an ordinary receiver you can have the legendary look and performance of a vintage Mcintosh, not to mention its great resale value.

This beauty was made in USA and built to last, it weighs in at more than 25 pounds. It sounds fantastic, with a mellow tube like sound, and it will provide you with years of listening pleasure. The combination of the brushed aluminum faceplate, black glass, and the warm glow of the green back lit dials are very satisfying. Picture 11 shows it with my vintage Altec Voice of the car stereo systems , home theater speakers, they will be listed in a coming auction.

Picture 12 shows it in a factory Walnut slant leg case that will also be listed shortly. Feel free to ask questions, and click on the following link to check out my other items! CONDITION: As you can see in the pictures this unit is in excellent condition. Cosmetically it would be hard to find one better, the chassis gleams with a mirror like finish, there is zero corrosion or pitting.

All lettering on the chassis and faceplate is perfect, and the glass is like new with no bubbling at all. It is super clean, with no dust, and its also scratch and dent free. All faceplate lights are burning clear and bright. In short, this one is a real keeper. It also sounds as good as it looks, you will not be disappointed. The owners manual shows some signs of use, but it is original, not a copy; and it is probably worth some money just by itself.

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