Thursday, November 10, 2011

McIntosh C220 Tube Preamplifier

The C220 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier maintains the highest-quality two-channel performance. The C220  amplifiers help for electronic level adjustment for each of the eight source inputs via the front panel or remote control . The switch contacts are used for signal switching which are sealed inside glass cylinders and are filled with an inert gas.
In the early days of  favorite high-end audio brands the first name that comes to anyone's mind is McIntosh. McIntosh deals with high-end audio products for last five decades such as home theater systems. McIntosh components are recognized by the black glass faceplates, silver trimmed knobs and also blue back-lighting.

Its specifications are as follows:

Sensitivity: High Level: 450mV
Unbalanced, 900mV
Balanced Phono: 4.5mV
Tubes:  Phono Circuitry: 2-12AX7A
High Level Circuitry: 2-12AX7A
Size 6" x 17 1/2" x 18",  21 lbs

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