Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How Car Speakers are Different from Home Theater Speakers

Car audio systems are very much in demand and as new car models are launched so such systems also need up gradation. If one does not buy these upgraded components, then one must be living in the past and not having better music experience. Such components really add good functions to the car audio sound systems.

If we discuss about home theater systems they also need up gradation on time to time basis with the changing lifestyle and hungriness of better music experience.

• Car speakers are cost effective, strong and well-built whereas home theater speakers price ranges from low to higher cost and have good wear and tear depending on how much one wants to invest.
• Car speakers cannot be in line with the quality home speakers which are used in a large room.
• A good quality home theater speaker has in-built drivers which can reach up to a larger volume of air and scatter it over a wide area.
There are certain major points of differences between car speakers and home theater speakers which are as follows:

Impedance: It is a measure of how much opposition a conductive item gives to the electric current and is one of the major differences between the two. Car amplifiers are of low voltage output of which 4 ohm speaker is the ideal one whereas for home audio speakers, 8 ohm resistance is the ideal one.

Frequency range: Car speakers are designed for maximum frequency range from with 30-40Hz. But home theater frequency ranges up to 20Hz+ at least.
Overall Design: Car speakers do not need any cabinet or cover they are sold as raw. They speakers require their own box or cabinet and also need some type of weather proofing from sun and moisture. The home theater speakers need a proper cabinet and are cannot be left open. The have a magnetically shielded outer body.
Usage: The car audio systems are used for used for small enclosures for small spaces. The home speakers are ideally suited for big room sizes and hence are bigger in size. Car speakers are usually narrower to fit into doors and are typically more efficient as most car stereos produce less than 25 RMS per channel. They are generally designed for smaller enclosures.

Makeups: The car audio speaker designers make drivers as high tech and different as possible. But as far as home speakers are considered they are generally designed to work in with existing furniture and interior design and color of the room.

Let’s hope the above information is of better use to those who were confused between the two.
Their basic purpose is the same to transmit quality sound without distortion.

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