Monday, November 14, 2011

The Best Ever Amplifiers & Preamplifiers by McIntosh

Amplifiers make the signal audible as without it the sound cannot be heard.  The amplifier boosts the base signal and signal's power, to drive the speakers which turn an analog or digital sound into an audible music. These days they have become an integral part of home theater systems. McIntosh has always been a leader in the development of new technology.  
McIntosh has always been pioneer in creating wonderful innovative designs through models such as the MC2102, MC200, MC602 and MC275. These amplifiers give wonderful performance irrespective of the sound of price tags.
The amplifiers which drive them should match your speakers as close as possible to the amplifier. Speakers are rated for their impedance, and are always measured in ohms; the speakers should be able to resist the flow of current towards it.

The conventional tube amplifiers take power only from plates of the output tubes. Whereas McIntosh Amplifier circuit power distribution is either from the plates or from the cathodes, and the power is drawn from both sides of the tub.
Preamplifiers, commonly known as “preamps,” allow you to enhance the sound of an existing system and add room to a surround sound system, through microphones and turntables.

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