Friday, November 25, 2011

Amplifiers With Desired Specifications

The amplifier can take up the signal from head unit and increases its amplitude to drive the speakers. It is always preferred to use separate amps for high and low frequency but its is not always important. There is one biggest problem if only amplifier is used for all frequencies and it is that the different frequency levels cannot be adjusted. Sometimes amplifiers are used for the low frequencies (bass) and then their head units which have built-in power drive the higher frequency speakers. These are very much in use for the car audio system to give maximum boost to the car speakers.  

There are many basic parameters which are to be looked upon while selecting the power amplifiers:
RMS Power: The output power from amplifier should always be matched to what the amplifier needs to drive the speaker.
Power Supply: The amps which have regulated power supply will surely supply constant power regardless of input voltage.  

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