Monday, December 3, 2012

Tube Amplifiers Are Best in World

Tube amps are unalike from transistor amplifiers, as they generate very much even harmonic distortion that gives a sense of “warmth” to the sound quality and this characteristic is mostly preferred by many tube lovers. These tube amps are very much smooth and have a linear frequency response in comparison to the transistor design amplifiers.

They have other benefits as well, whenever they are pushed near to their output limits, the tubes automatically tend to gracefully distort, without the harshness of transistor clipping. Whenever the transistor amplifier tend to push past their output limits, start clipping the audio waveform which produces potentially harsh-sound with odd-order distortion which is quite raucous to the ear. If their maximum rated output is fine then transistor amplifiers are very neutral and smooth and possess complex impedance interactions that may affect tube devices.

The smooth, linear frequency response means that the amplifier treats every incoming audio signal normally, so be it a bass-drum signal at 30 Hz or a high-frequency harmonics everything is treated normally.

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