Monday, December 3, 2012

The Characteristics of Audio Amplifiers

Audio Amplifiers have been designed for both home based equipment’s as well as vehicles, with differing features considering the space constraints, need and specification. These are designed to magnify an audio signal which drives a set of speakers to medium or high volume.

Manufacturers do publish the frequency range over which the amplifiers operate. For cars and other vehicles with the space constraint in mind, smaller and more compact amplifiers have been designed. Their size varies as small as 6 cms in height and 32 cms in width and there are other size variations as well depending upon the user requirement. The one used in vehicles i.e. car amplifiers have class A/B MOSFET Circuitry which enhances the audio quality that too with longer life. Their frequency range usually varies from 50 to 120Hz and its bass/treble buttons have the switch on and off facility.

It is believed that purchasing an amplifier together with preamp is really going to offer best sound performance.

Many brands offer amplifiers in the market that too at affordable prices. For the home purpose where there is provision of ample space this music system can provide better amplification. It also has quick response power supply circuit to ensure that there is immediate response.
The frequency response is one of the most common parameter used to describe audio amplifiers. Sometimes, it can be misleading and not be a good indicator of its sound quality. 

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