Tuesday, December 18, 2012

McAire Named as One of the 16 Splurge-Worthy Gifts!

It has has found out some of the over-the-top items, too, but this "luxury" list, has been made more practical.  McAire integrated audio system  manages to provide retro-cool look and bring the latest audio techniques specifically AirPlay—so as to wirelessly stream music from your iOS device or iTunes to the 4-inch woofers, 2-inch midrange speakers, and also three-quarter-inch tweeters that can easily pump out sounds over this device. It's in a package which measures 19.375-by-8-by-17 inches and weighs 31 pounds, to find permanent home for it. One can easily take off its grills to watch mid ranges and tweeters at work. It  also docks  iPhone or iPod for charging or playback.

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