Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Let’s Discuss Power Amplifiers in Brief:

The frequency response is one of the most common parameter used to describe audio amplifiers. Sometimes, it can be misleading and not be a good indicator of its sound quality. 

The power amp are perfect for wireless broadcast transmission and are equipped with hi-fi audio equipment. The one which is mostly used is bipolar transistor. However, vacuum tubes have become much popular among musicians. Professionals still use vacuum tube amp as they believe it provides better or superior fidelity.

The two important specifications in power amplification are the power output and efficiency. In any hi-fi audio power amplifiers, what bothers more to the user is the distortion created by them. It actually measures the extent to which output waveform can offer faithful replication of this input waveform. It is very obvious if the distortion is less then the audio equipment can deliver output sound with better fidelity.

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