Friday, June 10, 2011

Tube Amplifier: Why still musicians like it

Tube Amplifiers are a type of audio amplifier that uses vacuum tubes or ‘Valves’ to amplify audio signals, typically for powering audio speakers. Tube amplifiers were used exclusively throughout the 20th Century until the adoption of transistors in consumer products of the 1960s.

Tube amplifiers became popular in the 1950s with the rise of sophisticated consumer home audio systems using the newly created high fidelity records, tape recorders and adoption of stereo. High powered low distortion tube amplifiers were developed after World War II as a byproduct of engineering advancements made during the war.

Tube amplifiers have generally been replaced by modern transistor designs in most applications. Musicians that play through amplified instruments, specifically electric guitars and classic organs prefer the sound of tube amplifiers over transistor designs. This has allows the continued production of tubes to flourish which has created a stable supply of parts to continue building modern versions of classic tube amplifiers.

Audio hobbyist in search of the most natural sound quality have continued to use tube home audio amplifiers as many feel these result in better sound quality. High end audio amplifiers may be either tube or transistor depending on the audio fan’s preference.

Tube audio amplifiers have what is often described as a warmer more organic sound that presents music in a romantic yet more involving way. Continued popularity assures tube amplifiers will continue to be the choice of many discerning music listeners. Sound quality of tube amplifier gives musical satisfaction to all the listeners and that’s why still people prefer tube amplifiers.

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