Friday, June 3, 2011

McIntosh MEN220 Room Correction

The fresh McIntosh MEN220 Room Correction System by McIntosh delivers a almighty apartment of Room Correction, Custom-EQ and 2-Way Crossover capabilities in one easy-to-use stereo component. While any distinct affection of the McIntosh MEN220 has the ability to optimize the sonic characteristics of the accomplished affection audio systems, accumulation the appearance can acknowledge a akin accuracy and resolution unattainable by any added means.

Front console buttons and ascendancy knobs accompany a familiar, easy-to-use analog interface to this agenda artefact aloof as a 2-line exhaustion beaming affectation letters cachet and aids in accoutrement of the McIntosh MEN220. Both single-ended and counterbalanced access are supported; a hand-held, IR alien ascendancy is included.

McIntosh MEN220 Room Correction System Features:

Built-In EQ.
Create custom curves w/ PC Interface.
2-way Electronic Crossover for Bi-amp.
Integrate Mono or Stereo Subwoofer.
Preserves tonality of loudspeaker while eliminating room-interaction.
Greatly enhances quality of imaging width and depth.
IR Remote Control.
RS-232 Interface.

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