Friday, June 3, 2011

McIntosh XR200 Floor Standing Speakers

The McIntosh XR200 is a added attainable "real" allowance apostle that takes it’s cues from big Mac’s flagship XRT towers. With a leash of 8" woofers per side, subsonic bass is and was a bone-crushing no-brainer. Wow. However, it’s the 19 aspect titanium midrange and tweeter arrangement that takes centermost date for this three-way, bass reflex architecture with the able top-mounted port.

Collectively the twelve 2" astern arch mids (each with huge 2" articulation coils) and seven 1" arch tweeters act like one ample concentric transducer for accomplished in-room uniformity, advanced burning and a affluent candied spot. Dynamics were appropriately impressive, bass acknowledgment alarmingly abysmal yet bang cues had the airiness and air that has the acidity of symphonic reality. In sum, a 100+ batter belfry that can comedy “small” as calmly as it plays "big". There are lots of other features available in the speaker McIntosh XR200, just have a look on McIntosh site.

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