Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Get more power from your car speakers

In this article we shall discuss how to make car speakers louder and sound better. Speakers play an important role in determining the sound level reaching the ears of the listener. Various elements come into picture in determining the quality of sound like source of sound and how its amplified. So speakers in particular assume greater importance.

Fidelity of the speaker has to be enhanced and it is necessary to neutralize the unwanted noise from vehicles, wind, other vehicles on road. So the challenge faced is that proper balance has to be maintained. Car audio professionals try to make sound from speakers sound more effective, clear and louder overcoming all the problems faced.

This article outlines the ways in which we will be able to make the car speaker louder. The things needed to complete this job are car amplifier, radio of the car and sub woofer powered by the battery of the car. The major means that we will be discussing for increasing the loudness are adding sub woofers, amplifiers and adjusting fade controls, bass and settings of treble. Let us look at each method in detail in the forthcoming paragraphs.

First let us learn adjustment of settings of bass and treble. Before adjusting they are at preset conditions set by the factory. It can be changed in any one of the following ways. Both the settings of bass and treble can be increased at the same time. When we set them at such a higher level volume of speaker gets increased automatically.

Treble always corresponds to clarity. So for those who feel clarity is very important the treble is set at a level higher than that of bass. Bass is set at a level higher than the level of treble if bass is less or lacking. Again it depends on our liking or taste.

Next way by which sound coming from the speakers can be enhanced is by adjustment of fade control. The function of this fade control is restricted to the back and front. When the fade control at the front of the car is adjusted we get a not only better volume but also better clarity while on drive. This is very useful as there are lots of disturbances on road while on drive. When the fade is adjusted at the rear end greater sound is obtained. We must have noticed that speakers at the back are usually larger. This helps in producing a stronger and also an effective base. Thus these fade controls have significant influence in the sound field controlling the volume.

Next effective way is addition of sub woofer. They give power or boost the lower tones. They can enhance sound waves that are in the lower range of frequencies.

Next we will see about addition of amplifier. It performs the following important functions. The fidelity of the speaker is increased. Then by powering the car speakers the sound level gets boosted.

Thus we have seen how to make car speakers louder by various ways explained in detail with procedure.

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