Thursday, August 20, 2015

Steps to Turn any Speaker Into a Wireless Zone

Say you missed out on the wireless audio movement. Like you just missed it. A few years ago you purchased a top of the line stereo system and went home really proud of yourself. Then BAM! In just one week’s time, wireless speakers were rolled out and you sadly realized that your stereo speakers were already old news.

It’s okay- really! With HEOS Amp by Denon, you can easily turn your plain, outdated speakers into wireless ones and it’s all very simple. Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Internet Connection
  • Apple or Android Mobile Device already connected to your network
  • Speakers and their wires

To connect and play, you’ll need to follow a few easy steps that can be accomplished in minutes! Start by unpacking your HEOS Amp and choosing a convenient location that is near your speakers. Then do the following:

  1. Connect the speakers by baring the very tip of the speaker cable and inserting it into the speaker terminal. The terminal must be opened by being turned counterclockwise, then closed again by rotating clockwise. Once the terminal is shut, power the speakers by plugging the power cord into an outlet.
  2. Gain control of your Amp by downloading the HEOS by Denon App. Once launched, the application will guide you through a few basic instructions that will help you add your amp.
  3. Sign in to your favorite music streaming channels and enjoy.

With the HEOS Amp, you’ll be able to control your speakers with your cellphone, surfing through all your favorite music streaming channels with ease. The amp will also enable Denon’s famous multi-room audio functionality, which lets you play the same song, or multiple songs in different rooms all at the same time. In addition to those awesome features, you’ll also be getting exceptional sound quality thanks to class D amplification, which delivers dynamic sound without distortion.

Wireless is better, and the HEOS Amp is a truly attractive option for getting your speakers there. Not only will it simplify your music experience and deliver exceptional sound, but the unit also looks great, bearing the HEOS brand’s signature sleek style, and unique shape with stunning silver accents.

If your stereo system still features cassette or CD players or if you’re still searching between the couch cushions for your remote control, then you, my friend are in need of an upgrade. Catch up to the best of the audio industry by going wireless with a HEOS Amp!

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