Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wireless Soundbars vs. Speakers- What I learned In My Quest for an Upgrade

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they look around, evaluate their possessions and begin considering upgrades.  Okay, that actually happens pretty often, especially now, when technology keeps outdoing itself every other month.

I, myself, just had a recent ‘replace it’ epiphany when my monthly dinner party with friends was scheduled at a new member’s home for the first time.  As usual, the crowd was awesome, the food was great, and the drinks were flowing, but what really stood out to me that night were my host’s amazing sound systems.  Just about everywhere I went, music followed, and the sound was spectacular.  It was then that I realized my faithful stereo system was in serious need of an upgrade.

The first thing you’ll realize when you set out to choose a new and improved set of speakers is that there isn’t just one type.  Gone are the days when speakers were a one-size-fits-all stereo accompaniment.  Instead, there’s a near endless array of shapes, sizes and technologies to be chosen from.  Luckily for me, I investigated at my friend’s house and came away knowing that their living room had surround sound speakers and the den featured a sleek soundbar.

Though surround speakers and soundbars serve the same function, there are distinct differences between both set-ups, and it all basically comes down to preference and application.

Surround Sound Speaker
Surround sound speakers are the way to go for true surround sound.  With speakers placed strategically in any entertainment area, you can feel, rather than hear all the noise from every angle.  This means you’re going to have a thrilling movie experience or electrifying party atmosphere whenever you want it.

On the downside, more speakers means more set-up, and typically, the better surround speakers will cost a pretty penny.  Another thing I noticed is that the pricier surround speaker systems, although classified as wireless often do require wires that can be run against the wall and connected to each speaker.

Soundbars are sleek, and well-designed speaker alternatives.  Essentially, they are long rectangular bars that house several small speakers hidden within the design. These are generally good for small to medium sized rooms and are a great way to upgrade the sound on a television set that is lacking in audio performance.  One of the best parts about a soundbar is that it’s meant to mimic the effects of surround sound but without the hassle of multiple units and a mess of wires.
Despite its most gallant efforts however, true surround sound can really only be obtained through a surround sound set-up.  While a soundbar can improve a basic sound experience, surround speakers will always create the most powerful, even effects.  Plus, some soundbars require an additional element, like a subwoofer, to function properly.

Once I learned all of this, the question became which would I rather have in my own home and naturally, I had to have one of each. Upgrading my home’s sound systems was one of the best investments I’ve made in a while.  Now, when it’s my turn to host a dinner party, I feel confident that my new HEOS HomeCinema and surround sound speakers will blow everyone away!  

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