Thursday, February 26, 2015

Which Music System Should I Go for My Son’s Birthday Party?

After Valentine’s Day now the countdown begins for my son, Jacob’s birthday who is turning 3 on March 2nd. Only less than a week’s time is left. You know my mind is fully occupied with ideas for making fantastic arrangements for the party. As every mom feels same is what I feel. I would say my son Jacob is one of the best gifts that God could ever give to me.

You know what, I am so excited about it that every minute I look for some creative ideas to make the birthday party a blast. Last year due to some family problems we could not celebrate his birthday party on a large scale. Now this year I am very much particular about the arrangements I hope everything goes well.

Ours is a big house so I am planning to host the birthday party there itself.

The food and menu arrangement task would be handled by my husband as he is good in that and is much of his interest.

I am going to take care of the music, cake cutting and other decoration arrangements. Out of which I am more concerned about the music part coz in a kid’s birthday party if there is no music it’s going to be a complete waste. Music with good food makes a party a memorable one for the guests. An idea came to my mind why not to look for some good music systems online. As renting a music system is a costly affair, I thought why not to buy our own which could be used in other future parties hosted at home.

I browsed some websites on Google and I came across the following two best multi room audio systems. Why I opted for multi room systems as I came to know that it lets you play different music in different rooms which I found a fantastic feature. As we know kids never come to attend the party alone they are always accompanied by their parents. So I thought play different songs as per age level.

Let me share here two sets of wireless multi room audio systems from HEOS by Denon and Pure which I have short listed. Now as a reader you recommend me which one should I go for.

HEOS Multi Room Audio System:
These come in three sizes; small HEOS 3, medium HEOS 5 and large HEOS 7. I would like to go for HEOS 7 and HEOS 5 as with these I can play different music in separate rooms. For example kids can dance to their favorite music tunes and rock; that I have planned in my kid’s room which is big enough. Parents and other adults can hit the floor which I have planned in the living room which is enough spacious.

I have read about good reviews and ratings of HEOS multi room systems at Amazon, Best buy and many other sites. You know what these can also be operated via HEOS App with the use of an iOS or Andriod phone. Isn’t it amazing via a single touch play music and rock the party and let guests enjoy it fully.

Jongo Wireless Multi Room Family from Pure:
These also come in various shapes and sizes which I think will suit my purpose. These can let you stream bass-rich, high quality sound, and let your party rock. The Jongo speakers can be easily fitted in your house or the party area and delivers supersonic sound. It also lets you stream music via your smartphone or tablet to listen to the music. Its reviews are good as I read them in many product selling sites.

Now from all of the readers I request you all to drop in your comments and help me which one should I actually go for. My first choice is HEOS and 2nd is Jongo from Pure. But readers’ comments are invited and I will go as per your feedback.

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