Monday, December 8, 2014

What Makes a Good Home Audio System?

By saying a home audio system we mean to say when you wish to play same or different songs in a big house where there are multiple rooms that too from a fixed music source. The music can be easily controlled by iPhone or iPad or iPods, computers, tablets. You can play music either via Airplay, wi-fi or Bluetooth speaker.

These are quite easy to set up and install and are also portable.

What is the main purpose of using a home audio system?
  • It gives you access to music anytime anywhere in a cloud system giving you access to better streaming system. These are quite easy to set up and install and are also portable.
  • An ideal system should let you listen to your favorite music tune regardless of the distance criteria. Some systems have the range problem if it is installed in the basement you don’t get the audio clarity on the upper floor then it means you have not chosen the right one.
  • The complete home music system that you have installed should be easy to use means it should have its own wireless network. Irrespective of the fact if someone else on your network is working on the upload and download of large files it should not interfere with your wireless mesh. It should work with a single wi-fi router without the need to put a repeater
  • Many people talk about Airplay or Bluetooth or Wi-Fi? But the fact is that at times they also are not reliable. Bluetooth speakers have range issues they work better in the same room but they don’t work well when you want to use them in the entire house. Airplay is better than Bluetooth, typically, as it uses Wi-Fi connectivity. But if there is congestion in the home wi fi network it won’t work
  • Flexibility should be there in your system if you are starting with a single room and later on you add on to many rooms to your house it should not be a problem for you. Hence integration to your existing stereo system, should not be a problem for you.
  • It should be easy to operate if you have a larger family then each member has its own choice. Then at times the home audio manufacturers skip this thing and fail to offer a seamless system

Now the time has come replace your old stereo systems with the booming sound of multi room audio system offered by brands like HEOS by Denon, Sonos, Samsung ( ), Kilpsch as these deliver sound with high class sound and clarity. Rest choice is all yours!

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