Monday, December 15, 2014

Tech Gadget Gift Ideas for Christmas

The holidays are the most enjoyable time for the entire year. At times it may be tough for all of us to think exactly what to gift and what not to gift to your loved ones this Christmas. It is better to do proper planning of the gift ideas 2-3 weeks in advance so that you can be ready with a superb gift that too which is a true value of the money invested. A gift marks our refection of sentiments for that person whom you give it to.

I have come up with Top 4 gift ideas or items which I am going to gift to my loved ones this Christmas. I have actually chosen these gift items based on their product reviews found across web.

The release of this phone created a buzz in the smartphone industry with people waiting in long queues at Apple stores to get this one. This iPhone 6 has a new, faster and more efficient A8 chip, which is of much benefit for the GPS apps. It has a new operating system with the iOS 8 designation with a number of health and fitness features that have made this one much in demand meeting the users upcoming needs. This is going to be my best preference as a Christmas gift to my loved ones.

This is a tablet from Microsoft called as Surface Pro 3 which has been made differently to stand the rain and other elements hence making this one a unique piece of its own. It allows you to write and edit documents far faster than other tablets. It screen size is 12in with weight about 800g, making it functional and portable. It helps you to draw notes on documents.

In my family every one is a huge fan of music so everyone around likes to listening to their favorite music tune. After reading its reviews I found this one a perfect gift item suited for my entire family. It can be easily used with Free IOS & Android APP, helps to stream music.

Samsung Galaxy S is going to be my second choice reason being it was the most popular smartphone for year 2014. It has a faster chipset, with a big screen, and new sensors like heart rate monitor and fingerprint scanner, with a camera on top.  

I hope these three choices may give you some idea about planning your Christmas gifts for your loved ones ahead of time. Merry Christmas and Enjoy Shopping!

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