Monday, December 29, 2014

HEOS by Denon Announces Partnership with iHeartRadio

HEOS by Denon announcing partnership with iHeartRadio. This is a good news for all of the HEOS users as now they can listen to numerous live radio stations in any corner of the home. It hence makes both the music streaming and listening easy without any hindrance. 

This iHeartMedia is an all-in-one music streaming service provided by iHeartRadio. This allows music to be played easily on the HEOS wireless multi-room sound system. Now HEOS users can utilize iHeartRadio’s streaming music service free of cost which provides live radio service.  Now numerous live AM/FM radio stations from all around the country can be played and also create a music station of their choice.

As per the news sources iHeartRadio has found HEOS multi room audio system much sleek and compact in design hence making it best fit for the music lovers. This combination leads to a premier stereo sound output. It can also make it perfect for enjoying your favorite iHeartRadio stations anywhere in the house.
Now HEOS users can directly listen to music from iHeartRadio personalized radio stations from wireless compact music players to any room in the home. This way they can hear to the music they desire that too from iHeartRadio personalized radio stations. It helps to listening to incredible options. 

Those who are new to iHeartRadio let me remind them it helps to deliver music that too at a single platform. With this HEOS users can now listen to all the radio stations which are played across the country. In fact now you can use your own custom stations which are inspired by favorite artists or songs.

Now through iHeartRadio’s HEOS users can listen to thousands of live radio stations which include country, pop, urban, rock etc. Simply by the use of HEOS apps which can be used via iOS, Andriod you just have to hit the scan button to browse the radio station of your choice for enhanced music discovery. So it lets you listen to commercial-free and uninterrupted custom station which features music and Thumbs up/Thumbs down songs just to create a more personalized experience.

HEOS, a new wireless multi room audio system consists of three stunning, wireless multi-zone music players:

HEOS 3 wireless speaker which costs ($299) is a versatile and perfect one introduced by HEOS by Denon. This portable and compact wireless speaker helps you play your favorite music from a range of streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartRadio either from a smartphone or tablet or a USB drive. This one is ideal for smaller spaces such as offices, bedrooms, kitchens.

HEOS 5 wireless speaker which costs ($399) is another elegant one made by HEOS by Denon. This delivers a detailed wide range of high fidelity stereo sound. It can be used for medium to large rooms such as dining rooms, larger bedrooms, and offices or small living rooms.

HEOS 7 wireless speaker which costs ($599) is made with a difference for large rooms which delivers superb listening experience. It can produce high fidelity stereo sound and deliver such a sound that entire room is filled with sound from HEOS 7. It easily covers larger spaces such as living rooms, auditoriums, and open area floor plans.

As per the news sources it is mentioned that Denon has spent over more than 10 years to develop HEOS. So for all music lovers it is time for them to grab this opportunity and listen to the ultimate sound delivered by iHeartRadio and also get amazing wireless multi-room sound experience.

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