Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Integrated Amplifier: Which Can Make Life Entertaining

The Integrated amps always been of utmost importance in the high fidelity community as they combine both preamp and amp on a single chassis to save money and space. If you want the right integrated amplifier, we recommend the MA6600, as it produces an exceptional amount of power. McIntosh MA6600 has power of 200 watts-per-channel, and it is a known fact that these amplifiers are rated above all after rigorous testing.

It matches well with McIntosh TM2 tuner module as it converts integrated amp to an FM/AM HD stereo receiver, and is no doubt world’s finest. The MA6600 has an in built McIntosh power assurance system, that comprises of an entire collection of modern technologies to protect the power amplifier and loudspeakers that can enhance the overall system performance.

The best of these is an exclusive Power Guard circuit that monitors both input and output signals, dynamically without adjusting them to avoid clipping. This preamp stage can accept one balanced and seven unbalanced inputs, and also the input names are user-configurable. It means that you can connect up to eight source components and it has confirmed unit front-panel display.

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