Thursday, September 27, 2012

Insight into Musical Instruments

It is a bit off subject for this content, but many instrument built-in power amplifiers  already built in integrate methods to actually add managed distortions to the signal!  This is what (often) gives a particular “sound” to a group.  This type of distortions is OK in that it provides a preferred tonal effect.  The key factor to keep in mind is this: the indication arriving out of the instrument amp (which is often fed to a primary combining panel for the PA system) does not cause the alerts from other devices to become altered.  In other terms, in the combining machine, the deliberately altered audio from the high quality speakers is included to the fresh audio from the percussion devices, cause oral, etc.

 If the ultimate mix is sent to an firm that is motivated into cutting, then the whole mix will audio bad.  However, with just the instrument operating in managed distortions, the songs often appears to be better than it would if the instrument was absolutely “clean”.

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