Friday, September 21, 2012

C1000- Tube/Solid State Preamplifier with Low Noise

This is the greatest stereo system control/preamplification system. For true musical technology cleanliness, elements that produce disturbance (display, power transformer and others) are located in housing that isolates them from the indication direction. The C1000 C controller component partners with either the C1000T tube preamplifier, the strong condition C1000P preamplifier, or with both at the same time. The first settings are for audience who prefer the lovely audio of tube gadgets while the second is for those who want strong condition. Mixing all three segments will give you tube audio or strong condition performance from any connected music source at any given time. 

Whatever settings you choose, you get a variety of features, including: 
low-noise going magnetic and going coils phono inputs; fully healthy circuitry; double mono mirror-image design; three results per route for tri-amping; pay attention and record processor loops; optimum replying outcome meters; front side board 1/4-inch headphone jack; distant controllability; fiber-optic front panel illumination; fluorescent display of operating modes; and pass through home theater mode. There is also need for surround sound speakers as well as they can help to get better outputs with better clarity.

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