Thursday, January 5, 2012

McIntosh Reference Home Theater System

The McIntosh Reference Home Theater System is the one with best of the best of company’s lasting quality and design. Its seven-speaker array constitutes of XRT2K which are from front left and right of the tower speakers and support XCS2K center channel and XRT1K surround speakers and amplifiers.
McIntosh Labs also manfactures car audio systems such as car speakers and car amplifiers.
Its speakers have been concealed behind the fabric walls on the screen, the center one and the surrounded one on the sides. This just a general description of how the home theater systems are.
The following video is about the unveiling of its first West Coast "McIntosh Experience Center" at Century Stereo where there were over 150 guests who enjoyed live performance from Taddy Porter, which opened up with an acoustic selection of songs from their album and guests enjoyed hearing the distinctive feel of their music, particularly the harmony of their stirring single "In the Morning." Guests also enjoyed powerful demos of the McIntosh WESTCHESTER home theater and SOHO audio systems.

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