Monday, January 9, 2012

How Power Amplifiers are Considered Part of Car Amplifiers?

Music is part of our lives and is needed much while we drive. This is the true fact as everybody be it old or young is fond of listening to music of their choice. To truly enjoy your drive at the fullest there arises the need of an efficient car audio system. So best way out is to install subwoofer speaker systems in their vehicles. The car subwoofer speaker system constitutes of three basic components; car speakers, subwoofers, and car amplifiers.
As we are discussing the car audio system one of its best part is the power amplifier Insight into power amplifiers :
The power amplifiers are part of a subwoofer speaker system. It has been named mainly the power it delivers to its output. It is used to send the signal in amplified form to the loudspeakers. An amplifier is used to mainly take the weak signal and make it very strong to drive the loudspeaker.
In a subwoofer speaker system configuration it works on the input and output basis. The power amplifiers work on three stages which are as follows:
• Power Supply Stage: it deals with the powering the amplifier. It takes the AC current and converts it to the DC.
• Input Stage: This stage takes the input signal and converts it to the desired output signal
• Output Stage: The output stage is most important of all as it is used to amplify the weaker signal to the speakers
Unlike amplifiers which are meant for personal use, car amplifiers are very different. Amplifiers are generally made up of vacuum tubes which help sound signals to increase or decrease as per the signal received by the amplifier. These are called vacuum tube amplifiers. However, the vacuum tubes that make up such amplifiers cannot function properly in an environment which is prone to constant vibration or where there is no ventilation as heat always gets constantly build up in a car.

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