Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How Power Amplifiers and Tube Amplifiers Differ in Functionality?

The major difference lies in basic circuitry. This results into their different functioning and are very well being used for various purposes.
Power amplifiers have short circuitry and have thermal protection, fan control, also turn on delay, featured with over voltage protection. Earlier dozens of components were cluttered together to make a single device. Nowadays a single microprocessor can handle this and that too in compact design and gives additional features at the same cost. The devices are being monitored by microprocessor and microcontroller and can monitor battery voltage, internal voltages, temperature, control volume and drive external displays. These embedded computer chips allow features like compression and power limiting with little added cost.

Vacuum tube amplifiers are much in demand these days and are loved by guitar players and vintage radio enthusiasts. These are seemingly simple and are considered one of the oldest ways of producing power. For all the guitar players, tubes produce the sound that is much better than transistor based amplifiers. With so many brands already in the market it has become very difficult to look for the best one which suits your musical interest. In brief I hope that I have been successful to shed some light on this subject, and provide you with a clearer answer when it comes time to re-tube your guitar amplifier.

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