Monday, October 10, 2011

Know About Home Theater Speakers Placement Guidelines

home theater speaker
Viewers today want to be completely engrossed in every action and character of the movie. It can be attained possibly through the cinematic effect of home theater system created by the use of surround sound.

Going for the discounted rates of home theater speakers should not be the only reason to buy them. Many other factors are also responsible for buying them. The size of speakers also plays an important role in its purchase. It will in turn help you to buy the correct size for home entertainment area.

In case of lack of space the home theater sound system can be mounted on the wall or sitting around the room. Buying wall mounts where the speakers could be mounted immediately is a space saving solution.

Lot many different types of speakers are already available in market. Now it has become easy to do an initial research on speakers before buying them. The proper market survey in field or through internet is very compulsory to crack the best deal. It can be done by proper site browsing of the relevant sites available on internet which in turn can give you the basic information about different home theater audio systems.

Field market survey needs just dropping into a nearby local retail store that sells a home entertainment equipment. Such type of stores can give you information with demonstration about surround sound, subwoofers and any other type of speakers. By checking sound of each and every speaker in person is also a better way of doing it. An ideal system consists of minimum five speakers.

The five speakers which mainly consists of:

• Right
• Two surround speakers
• Center
• Front left

To get the best out of speakers it is important to see that sound originates from all the specific positions where in the home theater environment is located. All the above five different speakers create a different response characteristics and brings in different effects.

It is very important to understand basics of home theater speaker placement; because ultimately what matters is how final product will deliver its best.

Keep in mind following guidelines of the home theater systems placement

•If position of TV is direct then ideal placement of speakers would be on top of the TV screen.
• If the speaker is placed directly on top, then the front edge of the speaker should be in line with the front edge of television unit.
• Center of speaker should be placed at primary listening area.
• The placement of center speaker should always be equi -distant from listening position as the front left and front right speakers.

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