Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Audio Amplifiers- Used for Sound Signal Amplification

Audio amplifiers are meant to amplify the low amplitude audio signal to a  higher level so that it is transmitted without any distortion  and delivers better audio signal at the output. They play an important role in delivering quality signal in a home theater system.

The output power which is generally measured in watts, helps to determine whether an amplifier is suitable for that particular situation. Power ratings actually determines an amplifier's capacity over certain period of time and it virtually produces higher levels for short durations

There is a wide range amplifiers available in the market, from few watts to many hundreds of watts. Choosing the right amplifier for the user depends on many factors e.g.the listening habits, the room capacity.

Amplifiers are the basic component of speakers which are attached to the electrical appliances. TV, Radio or any other stereo system has in-built amplifier which helps to  deliver better sound output with video as well.

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