Wednesday, August 3, 2011

High efficiency audio amplifier applied in the portable devices

As the energy is intensive, electronic system gains improvement on the energy and efficiency. For the battery power supply system, the demand is harsher. With the spreading of the cheap mobile phone, mp3 and mp4 player, the audio amplifier becomes the standard configuration. No matter the system engineer or the final user will not be content with the personalized music playback.

There is higher requirement on the audio magnifier. There will less consumed current to extend the battery using time. It will improve the perfect tone quality in the whole audio range. The good radio frequency suppression ability will decrease the current voice. The stable output power will protect the audio speaker.

In the future, there will greater demand for the high efficiency magnifier. The magnifier has wide prospect in the portable device application. As to the report of Gartner, the D magnifier will grow at a rate of 15.6% rom 2006 to 2011. The main growing power comes from the portable device and consumer electronics. The mobile phone is the important growing point.

Let's introduce a high efficiency audio amplifier with latest design. The product is mainly used on mobile phones. It can provide a perfect solution with few peripheral cells. The requirements on the magnifier are small size and simple peripheral circuit.

High Efficiency

D magnifier has great advantage in efficiency. The power mainly comes from the Rdson, switch loss and resting current. The efficiency can reach 90%. It extends the battery life or the portable device.

RF Noise Control

The mobile phone, PDA and other portable communication devices can work in the poor natural condition and noisy environment. For the audio amplifier with RF interference will demodulate the RF inter-carrier massaging to the audio frequency band. There will be current voice generated on the ouput end of the speaker.

The RF signal will be coupled to the power supply, input and output end of the amplifier. The good PSRR and CMRR can lower the requirement on the PCB and structure. The 10mV output can be felt by our ear. When the power voltage is superposed the 500mV GSM signal, the output can be restricted.

Low Distortion Noise

For the audio amplifier, though the entire test index is measured by the sine wave, the final assessor is the beautiful and fluent music. The beautiful tone is decided by the harmonic distortion and noise. The ideal D magnifier is non-tatiguing. There is noise in the band.

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