Friday, August 5, 2011

Five Tips To Find The Best Car Speakers

Buying a new set of speakers for your car can be a complex task because it's difficult to think about design and technical aspects of speakers required for your car. Speakers are in general considered to be the most important part of your music system. They are at the end of the system chain and 'make' the music as they set the air in motion. But choosing the best car speakers for your situation is not an easy assignment. There are many options to choose from and what's best for you depends on lots of things.

One of the problems with choosing the right speakers is that each car type has its own sound characteristic. The sound inside the car is also influenced by the accessories and fabrics used in the car interior design. A tip from a friend who has just bought a super cool speaker set, might not be the best advice for your situation.

Another issue making your choice difficult is that you can only hear the end result after you've installed the actual speakers in your car. Usually a car accessory shop shows its speakers in a speaker stand inside the store. Choosing the best speaker in the stand is again no guarantee that you've made the best choice for your car.

The matter is even getting more difficult as sound happens to be a matter of personal taste. Some, mainly young people like to have a very loud and deep base. Others, like to have a more balanced sound throughout the whole music scale.

So what can you do to improve the odds of choosing the right speaker for your specific situation? Well there are a few items you should take into consideration, the following five tips are the most important to consider when you buy a car speaker:

1. First of all; do your research and take your time for it. One of the best resources for research are specialized magazines about car audio. A few examples are Car Audio and Electronics, Car Stereo Review, Auto Sound and Security or Car Sound Buyer's Guide. Car Audio and Electronics also has a great Internet site with loads of reviews, technical specifications and prices. Most reviews and articles in these magazines provide valuable information about different car speakers and can provide you a list of speakers for further investigation.

2. Find a speaker set that matches your cars sound system. Look up the output values of your amplifier. Every speaker has a PMPO (Peak Momentary Power) value and a RMS (Root Main Square) value. The first being the max peak power the speaker can handle for a very short time and the second value is the average power the speaker is build for. Only buy speakers with a RMS that is higher than your amplifier output.

3. The speakers should match your car. Be sure to know the maximum diameter and depth your new speaker can be. It would be very disappointing if after lots of research you bought a super speaker only to find out you don't have enough room behind the speaker to build them in.

4. Look for speakers that match your music style. Use your research to find speakers that have good ratings for the music style you like.

5. And finally go for component speakers. Component speakers provide more flexibility in the overall sound color. With component speakers it is easier to create a fully balanced music picture. If required, component speakers allow you to tune the output of the system to adjust the sound color to the sound characteristics of your car. But be aware, it is difficult to match different branches of speakers to get a good and balanced music output.

Besides these five tips, there is more you could learn about audio systems and speakers. To get the maximum out of your speakers it is important to know a few things about the other parts of your sound system, like your DVD player, your amplifier and wiring. At least with these five tips you have made the first step into the wonderful world of quality audio systems and music. Do your research and find best audio speaker website over the net and when any product meet your requirement just go and buy.

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