Monday, August 8, 2011

4 Reasons to Buy a Blu Ray Player

Millions of people have already upgraded their dvd players to blu ray players. Mostly because the blu ray discs are able to produce the best possible HD images at 1080p. However, dvd's still dominate the home video market by a large margin over blu rays. But with more people with HDTVs in their homes and with less expensive blu ray players, a new trend is starting to emerge towards HD rentals and purchases. Some industry experts predict by the year 2014, Blu-rays will have 60 percent of the home video market and this number rising every year.
The following are some reasons to consider for purchasing a blu ray player:

1. Your dvd's will never look better.

Blu-ray players not only play dvd's, they up scale them to near high definition levels. Meaning your dvd collection does not need to be discarded, in fact they will look much better when played on a blu ray player compared to a standard dvd player. This is especially the case when a HDMI cable is use when connecting your blu ray to your HDTV.

2. Two for the price of one.

Granted, blu ray discs are slightly more expensive than DVDs. But like blu ray players, the prices for blu ray movies are continuing to drop. To counter the high cost many movie studios are including both a blu ray disc and a DVD disc in the same price. This is true for a lot of the big blockbuster movie releases. You get a high definition disc for your home theater and a second standard disc to use on your laptop, vehicle or maybe a second television. Some studios even offer a digital copy that will allow you to copy the movie onto a computer or transfer the movie to a mobile media device.

3. Sound ON

Blu ray players are not all about the great high definition picture. Blu ray players offer a better surround sound quality than standard dvd players. Blu ray players support high resolution audio formats such as dolby true HD and dolby digital plus. Players also support up to 7.1 channels.

4. Streaming Online Content.

The best extra feature on most new blu ray players are their ability to connect to the internet, either through an ethernet port or built in Wi-Fi. In blu ray there are many features and functions you can take advantage of when your Blu-ray Players is connected to the internet. There is the practical use of updating the player's firmware, which becomes a breeze once connected. Many blu-ray discs have BD-Live content. This gives you access to additional material on the internet like online games, chat rooms, trivia, live commentary and extra movie scenes. Also, many Blu-ray players provide online streaming media services so you can stream online video, movies, music and other content. Services such as netflix, blockbuster on demand, Vudu, Hulu Plus and many more can be accessed.

These are not the only reasons to buy a Blu-ray Player, but they demonstrate the some of the main reasons why someone would want to get a Blu-ray Player. But even if you do not want to run out and jump on the Blu-ray bandwagon just yet. When the time comes to replacing your old DVD player, the most  logical choice would be to upgrade to a Blu-ray Player.

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