Friday, May 27, 2011

McIntosh XCS2K Speaker No Comparison

McIntosh XCS2K is the center channel audio speaker that engineers have always dreamed of building. The McIntosh XCS2K is a full range line array speaker system, voiced to match the McIntosh XRT2K speaker and designed to handle 2,000 watts of power.

Three 12" LD/HP woofers are housed in a custom extruded alloy enclosure behind the mid/tweeter column where two rows of sixteen 2" titanium midranges flank a row of twenty 3/4" titanium tweeters. The new 3/4" tweeter domes are small enough in diameter to maintain wide dispersion out to the limits of human hearing, and their incredibly low moving-mass extends response out to 45kHz. Such wide bandwidth portends smoother frequency and phase response within the audio band for non fatiguing sound. Dynamic compression is reduced to the vanishing point with this multi-element design.

By designing the midrange/tweeter array in an arc with a meticulous crossover design, McIntosh acoustic design engineers have created a speaker of prodigious power handling with a wide and deep soundstage. Three sets of massive gold plated input connectors allow bi-amping and tri-amping and wiring.

Not limited to center channel applications, the McIntosh XCS2K can be used as a L/R or surround speakers. A tilting base stand is designed for flexibility of installation and also reduces excess floor and ceiling reflections for an ideal image.

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