Tuesday, May 17, 2011

McIntosh MXA60 to Enhance your Lifestyle

McIntosh MXA60: Its completely lifestyle product which enhance your lifestyle and fill life with music.
MXA60 is a hi fi music system and comes with big loudspeakers.

The 75 watt per channel sports a number of McIntosh features including:

   a.) 75 watt per channel, complementary-balanced amplifier
   b.) ThermalTrak™ Output Transistors - for improved bias stability and enhanced low level linearity
c.) Sentry Monitor fuse-less short circuit protection
d.) Power Guard anti-clipping circuit

mxa60-backThe hybrid preamplifer sports tubes, input switching (both balanced and unbalanced inputs are accepted), tone controls, 24-bit, 192kHz sampling Burr Brown DACs, and more. The solid state input circuitry is designed to eliminate noise with the vacuum tubeassisted line stage provides that classic sound that McIntosh (and tube) lovers crave.

I think McIntosh MXA60 is the best deal for the music lovers but it little bit expensive too. Checkout the full details and product views McIntosh MXA60

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