Wednesday, May 25, 2011

McIntosh C48 Preamplifier

High value mcintosh C48 preamplifier brings all the music together. With a committed Apple Mac/Windows USB ascribe audio ascribe the fresh McIntosh C48 preamplifier allows you to anon affix a computer to your McIntosh arrangement application a simple USB connection. This allows you to play the music from your Apple iTunes or Windows Media anon into your McIntosh system. Application Apple and iTunes, you can alike aces and enjoy your music from your iPhone!

The C48 additionally has four aerial achievement agenda audio inputs so you can affix your cable tv, dvd player, or Airport Express/Sonos/Logitech to accelerate music wirelessly to your McIntosh system.

Rounding out, the C48 is additionally at its a affection a apple chic McIntosh aerial achievement preamplifier with accompanying affective coil/moving allurement phono sections, a home amphitheater bypass, and six bandage akin stereo analog inputs. To acclimatize all of this to accomplishment the C48 additionally has a bristles bandage programmable equalizer.

Few Silent McIntosh C48 Preamplifier Features:

New 3D stainless steel chassis design
Dedicated Apple Mac / Windows USB input with control.
Four high performance stereo digital audio inputs and six stereo analog inputs.
Five band programmable equalizer.
Home theater pass through.

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